Govt delighted to address concerns of the people 

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Ministers of Government today interacted and familiarised themselves with issues affecting the citizens of Guyana. The government officials participated in a massive outreach exercise which was held at the Square of the Revolution. The exercise attracted hundreds of people who were able to access the services of the various government agencies and departments to have their issues addressed on the spot or begin the process of having it tackled; some even made recommendations.

Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Sydney Allicock said the initiative was an ideal way to meet with the people who the government was elected to serve.

“In an office, there are appointments with timings and dates, and it could be frustrating for persons coming from far and even in Georgetown, it is difficult. So, to have an open day like this, I think we are going to benefit far more, both sides, not only the Ministers but the people themselves… This is a very positive move since we can inform the people what is happening daily and what is our aim for long-term national development.”

The outreach was described as a great initiative by Education Minister Dr. Nicolette Henry.

“It allows us to engage with the public. We always believe that community-based participation is integral and key for education. This provides a good opportunity for many persons who would not have taken the time to come to the Ministry because they might not have had a large issue. However, many who are out here to address other areas have stopped by and provided us with some ideas, suggestions and opinions that we really value. So, this has been a really good exercise for us at the Ministry.”

Listening to the concerns of citizens is something he does every Wednesday, Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson said. However, having every department under his purview out at once is a plus for the citizens.

“Most of the issues we would have considered but some new ones are coming up and they are very easily addressed. Most of them concern drainage, which we have a programme for, roads which we have a programme for and of course GPL is doing their stuff, so I do think it is a very successful venture”

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams SC said that he was amazed and pleased with the large turnout. “I was surprised to see so many people here so early and in fact, in my booth there were a lot of people. They have a lot of legal problems, but I have my staff there that would take their information and give advice.”

Addressing all things technology-related, Minister of Public Telecommunications Catherine Hughes said, “It has been a good interaction, people have concerns, they want to know that we can begin to address their concerns… in today’s world especially, people are looking for a landline not necessarily just for the phone but for access to the internet and as you know, in the last couple of years there has been a burst of activity. Statistically, more and more persons are going online, BLAZE is now in Guyana and they are expanding, so the demand is higher and understandably, people want to make sure and want to know that they can get access now” Minister Hughes stated.

Isaiah Braithwaite.

Images: Giovanni Gajie and Keno George.