Gov’t expended $338.4 M to upgrade roads in Amelia’s Ward

In a bid to bolster community infrastructural development nationwide, the government expended a sum of $338.4 million towards the upgrade of vital thoroughfares in Amelia’s Ward, Region Ten.

The significant investment aims to enhance connectivity, accessibility, and improve the overall quality of life for residents in the area.

Upgraded infrastructural works in Linden, Region Ten

Among the thoroughfares that saw necessary rehabilitation are Fourth Corner Main Street, Amelia’s Ward undertaken by three contractors.

Section 1 of the crucial artery was executed by World Palm Beach Resort at a cost of $13.6 million while Section 2 was tackled by Green’s Desilting was completed to the tune of $14 million. Similar works were undertaken by Petal Beauty Palace completed Section 3 at a cost of $12.4 million.

Additionally, Al Precise Contracting Enterprise executed the major upgrading of Second Corner Main Street, Central Amelia’s Ward, at a total cost of $24.4 million. 

Empire Drive Road received a much-needed facelift done by Orin’s Supreme Enterprise, amounting to $38.5 million, while Last Cross Street Empire Drive was rehabilitated by R and M Mining Investment Project Inc., totalling $47.8 million.

Major rehabilitation works were also executed Broad Money Street, Amelia’s Ward to the tune of $16 million by Al Precise Contracting Enterprise.

SJ’s Cambio and Variety Store also undertook enhancement works on Community Centre North Side Road at a cost of $30.3 million.

Henry’s Road, Amelia’s Ward saw significant transformation valued at $25.9 million and was executed by RJ Enterprise and General Construction.

Similar rehabilitation works were executed on Well Road, Amelia’s Ward amounting to $47.2 million, executed by Cordis Variety.

Also, the construction of First Left Obama Drive, Amelia’s Ward, was divided into multiple sections, each meticulously executed by Ray’s Infrastructure Development, R & R Construction Services, Shaun Duke Construction, Cabio Construction & Maintenance Services, and MSN Enterprise at a combined cost of $68.3 million.

These infrastructure upgrades are in keeping with the PPP/C Administration’s manifesto commitment to improved road networks to facilitate a smoother flow of traffic and stimulate economic activity to foster community development.