‘Gov’t has plans for the city’ – VP Jagdeo

-Says Govt can’t rely on City Council

Residents of Sophia, Greater Georgetown were assured that their community’s current deplorable state, largely attributed to the Mayor and City Council’s (M&CC) abdication of its duties, will improve significantly.

Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo made these assurances during a a community meeting with residents of ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ at the Sophia Primary School Tuesday last.

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo during an engagement with residents of Sophia Tuesday last

The comprehensive plan, Dr Jagdeo outlined, includes measures to address inadequate infrastructure, improvement of drainage and waste management and the construction of recreational facilities, which are essential to residents’ social well-being. 

“We have laid out our plan; we can’t rely on the City Council…Since independence, they controlled the city and that means, when you control the city, you should take responsibility for roads, drainage, garbage – everything, the vice president pointed out.

However, “They have given up on that [and] so we have taken it over. So, every road in the city will have to be done,” he stated.

In Sophia, contracts totalling over 1 billion dollars were signed to undertake the rehabilitation of 29 roads through the Ministry of Public Works among other infrastructural interventions.

The government has also assessed that 1.3 billion dollars is needed to undertake similar improvements for roadways in ‘B’ Field, which according to Dr Jagdeo, is in a much more dilapidated state.

“But it’s not only here, it’s the entire city from Cummings Lodge to Agricola…we’ve laid out a drainage plan [and] we are making some improvements,” he divulged.

A new pumping station is being constructed at Liliendaal that will double the capacity to drain South Georgetown and Sophia among other areas. Amphibious equipment was also recently procured to help clean canals without disrupting the livelihoods of those living along the canals.

Moreover, billions have been injected to improve and rehabilitate 34 sporting grounds in Georgetown. These grounds will be fitted with lights and recreational facilities.

Even as the government is working to improve livelihoods, the Vice President cautioned against the opposition’s propaganda machinery, which is hell-bent on diverting attention from the PPP/C Administration’s development projects.

The vice president was also quick to highlight that the government does not wait until elections to take action, but is guided by a holistic development blueprint, a differentiating characteristic of the ruling PPP/C organisation.

“We don’t drift in the wind, our policy-making, if you look at it over a longer term trajectory, has always emphasised balance development and our achievements are well-known compared to APNU and we keep our promises,” he underscored.

The PPP/C Administration, led by President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, continues to engage and work closely with residents nationwide, to ensure that the development is tailored to their specific needs.