Gov’t, Huawei to work on strengthening E-Gov network

GINA, Guyana, Friday, January 6, 2017

Cabinet has received and approved a request for a technical support and training programme for the E-Government Unit by the Huawei Technologies Limited Company, Minister of State Joseph Harmon said.

The minister made the announcement at today’s Post- Cabinet media briefing, at the Ministry of the Presidency. The Minister of State noted that the Chinese based company which built the network between 2011 and 2014, and operationalised it in 2016, “lacked the local engineers and technicians with the requisite knowledge to operate and maintain the network.”

Minister Harmon said, it was proposed the Ministry of Public Infrastructure via the E-Government Unit engage with Huawei to ensure that obsolete hardware is replaced, technical support is given in case of system failure, there is a 24- hour help desk support, and software is updated remote trouble shooting provided.

Given that Huawei has designed and installed the network, the Minister explained that Cabinet agreed to the proposals submitted by the Ministry of Public Telecommunications. The Minster has been advised to proceed with the matter, requesting or requiring the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board’s approval for any further contractual arrangements, the Minister of State indicated.

Minister Harmon revealed that the E-Government Network will be linked with the Smart City programme which is administered by the Ministry of Public Security. Several schools and Ministries have already been linked, he added, and this is all part of Government’s plans to ensure that the internet is available in facilities and communities across Guyana.


By: Paul McAdam