Gov’t investing $102M yearly for payment of CSOs in Moruca sub-district

In its continued efforts to provide opportunities for all Guyanese, the government has been investing over $102 million yearly in the Moruca Sub-District in Region One for the payment of Community Support Officers (CSOs).

This was revealed by Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, during the recent Regional Toshaos and CDC Chairpersons Conference there.

An Indigenous woman during a government engagement

According to the minister, the sub-district has 285 CSOs who are assigned to various sectors such as education and health, and government agencies, among others.

The young people are employed to help councils of various satellite villages and CDCs to better the lives of residents and build sustainable environments.

“The CSOs are valuable human resources to the village council. They can be assigned duties according to the law to assist the village council,” she noted.

Minister Sukhai also urged the village leaders to work along with the CSOs, since they are young people who are willing to do great things for their communities.

She noted that once they are exposed to the affairs of their villages, they will have the ability to bring about ideas that will enhance lives.

The CSOs are employed under the Youth Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Programme, which was re-established in 2020.

It employs over 2,500 young Amerindians, ensuring millions of dollars are circulated in the village economies.