Gov’t investments to improve water quality are paying off ─ Health minister

The government’s investments in the water sector over the past 21 years have contributed to consistent and marked improvements in the quality and supply of water nationwide.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, indicated this in an address at the health fair held to commemorate the 21st anniversary of Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).

“I think in 21 years, you can actually see the difference that it has made. The investments that the Government has made over the years to improve the quality of water, not just providing water, but providing treated water. I think that is very important,” Dr Anthony expressed.

He stressed the importance of accessibility to clean water, noting that in years prior, infectious water-borne diseases were rampant, and heightened at certain times of the year.

“That has changed because we are not seeing so much of that. And that is because we are providing treated water to most of the population.”

He highlighted the synergy that exists between several agencies and central government in achieving the goal of providing reliable water supply and improving healthcare, however, he noted the need for entities to work more closely with the government to improve the health of the general population.

Since 2020, when the current government took office, some 50,000 persons have benefitted from first-time, or improved access to potable water.

In the 2023 National Budget, some $16.045 billion was allocated toward the Water Service Improvement and Management Programme under the Ministry of Housing and Water.

Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) continues to implement systems geared towards improved water supply across the country.