Govt shuts down opposition’s rantings

DPI, Guyana, Friday, December 28, 2018

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has dismissed what he said are the constant rantings by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, especially following the recent no-confidence motion in the National Assembly last Friday.

According to Minister Harmon, the administration has a mandate to carry out and will not be side-tracked by the opposition leader.

“The Guyanese people have elected us to govern this country and we will do so without fear or favour, affection or ill will. There is no statement by him that will push us into any direction that says that we should stop executing the mandate of the people of this country, we are not concerned about these statements that he is making. What is happening internally is getting to his head,” the State Minister told reporters today.

Minister Harmon said the opposition leader “needs to know his place – a position he will be in for a very long time.”

“Jagdeo must understand that he is not the president. He is the opposition and that is where he is and that he is condemned to be in opposition for a long time to come because the people of this country have had enough of his type of leadership… That type of dictatorship that he is accustomed to exercising, the people of Guyana are saying enough of that. We are now looking at a more democratic government.”

The Minister has labelled as rubbish, claims by Jagdeo of having six options to remain in office.

“He has said he has his intelligence. I will ask the police to investigate if this is a legal intercept of telephone conversations or not. Jagdeo will have to explain what this intelligence is he is getting,” he said.  

Alexis Rodney.

Image: Department of Public Information.


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