Gov’t will not overstep boundaries in sports administration – Minister Ramson

The government will not overstep its boundaries nor infiltrate the administration of sports associations, unions and federations in Guyana, but will work assiduously to ensure the development of all disciplines, under the ‘One Guyana’ umbrella.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr. reiterated the government’s stance following the difficulty faced by team Guyana at the recently concluded 50th CARIFTA games in Nassau, Bahamas.

Minister Ramson was at the time speaking extensively about sports management on the Radio Programme “592 Sports” aired on 94.1FM.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr.

He noted that while the government sees the need for better administration of sports bodies, it cannot direct the process as the repercussions will be dire.

“There is a danger when government oversteps its boundaries. The sports organisation gets put in a lacuna or gets banned from advancing to the international stages, which is something we would not like to see happen in Guyana, which unfortunately has happened before. Therefore, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport has to tread carefully in trying to get sports associations up to higher standards of operations,” he pointed out.

The minister noted that in many sports bodies, the executive includes former athletes, which may not be enough for efficient management.

“We have always had an issue in relation to the management of sports especially in relation to the associations’ management of sports and I did not expect a lot when I came in.

“What you will find is that the leadership of the sports associations are generally occupied by folks who are interested in their particular sports discipline and wanted to move into the tiers of the leadership of that sport; having just been a sports player and wanting to manage is not enough,” he reemphasised.  

Nevertheless, there is hope on the horizon for sports in Guyana, for the 12 disciplines the ministry has selected, there has been a gradual improvement in their management.

Meanwhile, despite the grave challenges faced by the track and field athletes in the Bahamas, they proved their resilience by copping eight gold, two silver, and three bronze medals.

Minister Charles Ramson welcoming home Guyana’s CARIFTA Champions

Tianna Springer stunned the field by winning gold in the U17 400 metres race while defending javelin champion, Anisha Gibbons grabbed gold with a throw of 47.96 metres in the Women’s U20 javelin.

Javon Roberts also copped a gold medal in his signature 800-metre race in the U17 category. 

Raekwon Noel dominated the Swimming event in Curacao, capturing five gold medals in the 1500-metre Freestyle, 400-metre Individual Medley, 800-metre Freestyle, 200-metre Butterfly, and 400-metre Freestyle events.