GPF rolls out programme to safeguard citizens during holiday season

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is implementing a number of initiatives for the upcoming holiday season, in an effort to create a safe environment for citizens.

This was announced during the GPF’s Christmas Policing Presentation hosted at the Police Officers’ Mess, Eve Leary on Tuesday.

Commissioner of Police (ag), Clifton Hicken at the Christmas policing presentation

The public was updated on the force’s Christmas policing programme which runs until January 15, 2023. The aim is to protect citizens, as commercial activities are expected to increase during the holidays.

Commissioner of Police (ag), Clifton Hicken called for cooperation and support from the public to ensure the programme’s successful implementation.

“We have a perfect plan and if you support this plan, you are going to benefit… because you are the beneficiaries of all that we are putting in place now to ensure that you have a festive season.”

Some of the initiatives being implemented will see foot, traffic, static, anti-crime and vehicular patrols being deployed during a 24-hour period at hot spot areas across the country, to mitigate crime and improve traffic flow.

The GPF will be heightening its presence with the construction of police booths in highly trafficked areas across Guyana. Police officers will also be conducting community engagements to inform citizens on how to protect their valuables during this time.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn at Christmas policing presentation

Mr Hicken also urged citizens to be responsible during the holidays.

“Compliance is very, very important during this season, responsible behaviour is necessary. We are going to do as far as we can do to ensure we remain professional and it is only fitting that the public reciprocate and be respectful to the police because we are going to work 24 hours to ensure that you are safe as a citizenry. “

Additionally, the police force will be collaborating with the joint services to provide enhanced security.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, and other officials were also present at the event.