“Grab it with both hands” – BIT graduate urges others to take advantage of training programmes

169 East Coast residents now certified in several areas

The Board of Industrial Training (BIT) continues to empower Guyanese by providing skills training programmes countrywide. 

A total of 169 residents from communities along the East Coast corridor graduated from several technical and vocational training courses. 

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton

Of the 169 graduates, 127 are women. 

The ceremony hosted on Friday at Tipperary Hall, Buxton saw graduates of all age groups. 

Electrical Installation, Information Technology, Commercial Food Preparation, and Garment Construction were among the courses.

Graduate, Kena Curt from Victoria Village said she was prompted to complete the electrical installation course since, “I was at home not doing anything. So, after I heard about this opportunity, I decided to take it.  

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, officials of the ministry, and graduates

“I feel good. At first, it was a little challenging but I came through it.”

Curt intends seek the services of the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA) to be gainfully employed.

Dr Rozika Razack who is now a certified in commercial food preparation, said cooking was always a hobby and expressed her elation since the course has provided her with a myriad of knowledge in culinary art.

“Even though I am a medical doctor, I always had a passion for cooking. Now I can make special foods, special savory dishes for my family and friends for any special event. It has added to my knowledge … in the cooking field,” she added.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton handing over a certificate to one of the graduates

Father of three and mason by profession, David Fraser who completed the electrical installation course highlighted that the course has provided him with the necessary knowledge to work alongside other electricians.

“Basically, in construction, I have a lot of electrical work that I partake in. I would like to follow up on it because it will be more beneficial for me when I’m working for me to know how to cut the wall and putting in the conduit in the wall…It has given me an idea how to work along with the other electricians.”

Meanwhile, father of two, Wellwin DeKamp of Victoria Village who also completed the electrical installation course, is calling on young people to take full advantage of the BIT programmes.

“Grab it with both hands because it enhances your skills. It’s a skill for a lifetime so that they could better their standard of living,” DeKamp noted.

CEO of BIT (ag), Saskia Eastman handing over certificate to one of the graduates

He indicated that he intends to add to his skillset by completing other courses.

Another electrical installation graduate, Kevin Hinds relayed that, “At the time I didn’t have anything and I heard that in the area that we had a course going on so, I joined the course.

“I have something that I can do on my own. My mother has a house and right now, it has reached the wiring stage and I could assist in that way. And I could be employed by other people.”

Delivering the feature address, Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton highlighted that the training courses form part of government’s commitment to ensuring persons are multi-skilled and can aid the country’s development.

“Between Cane Grove and Better Hope, in 2021, we spent $7 million and trained 85 persons between this corridor. In 2022, we would have trained 180 persons and we doubled the amount of money we spent to $15.3 million on training programmes within this corridor. That is the importance and concern that we have for the people wherever they live,” the labour minister stated.

The minister was joined by Acting CEO of BIT, Saskia Eastman, Senior Technical Officer, Leon Greaves, and other officials of the ministry.