Granger govt treats women with genuine respect

First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger tells mammoth rally

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, February 27, 2020

First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger tonight said the APNU+AFC government remains genuinely committed to women and girls all across Guyana.

Mrs. Granger headlined the Coalition’s women rally this evening at Parade Ground.

She instantly became the crowd’s favourite when she belted out lyrics of a popular Pointer Sisters’ tune to describe the David Granger government.

The First Lady said the coalition administration must be re-elected so that the good life and progress can continue.

“I am telling you this government has slow and steady hands. This government has an easy touch and I promise you; it will not come and go in an easy rush,” she recited, much to the crowd’s delight.

Mrs. Granger reminded that the President has promised to lift women out of poverty and “he is doing it.”

“He believes in the equality of women and that is why he has placed women in the vanguards of the government’s efforts to secure a good life for all Guyanese,” she stated.

She said the President and the APNU+AFC are investing their efforts on improving the lives of the people of Guyana, especially the women and children.

“They are taking their time to ensure that women and children are educated. This is the commitment of this coalition,” she stated.

The country’s First Lady said the government is working towards world-class education for children. To this end, students are being geared to function in a 21st century education system.

Over the last four years, more than 1800 teachers have been trained while there has been a decline in school dropouts. Young girls are being given a second chance at education even if they had stopped attending school for one reason or the other.

Mrs. Granger urged women to not be sidetracked by the fallacies of the opposition, which had 23 years to show all Guyanese that it did care. Promises now of putting the country and its people are questionable.

“They promising free education. But university education was constitutionally ours from nursery to university. But who introduced university fees? They never attempted to improve public servants pay and help out old people and now they promising $40,000 old age pension,” she remarked

The opposition is also promising justice and security, but Mrs. Granger said what they must do is answer the mothers of the 1,423 young men that were killed during the dark period.

“We the women of Guyana will continue moving together with the APNU+AFC. Mrs. Granger declared.