Green building codes for Bartica

Georgetown, GINA, August 15, 2016

The new Bartica Town Council is working to bring the local building codes in line with the community’s quest to become a green economy.

Bartica’s contractors will be expected to deliver higher standards, in the construction and renovation of municipal buildings and infrastructure in the town. The new town council will be aligning its building policies with its new sustainable green goal, Mayor of Bartica, His Worship, Gifford Marshall said.

Mayor of  Bartica, Gifford Marshall

Mayor of Bartica, Gifford Marshall

“Only this week, I instructed our works committee at the Bartica Town Council to review the laws and policies governing construction in our town,” Marshall said, whilst addressing the residents at the launch of the new asphalt plant in Bartica on Saturday.

“Very soon council will enforce green policies that would guide the way we build this green city. Our roads, our drains, our open spaces, residential and commercial properties   must all be constructed to reflect the greening of Bartica,” he added.

Green building standards will ensure that human health and the natural environment of the town are not compromised in the name of development, the Mayor said. Marshall assured that going forward, the council will, “work feverishly to ensure that Bartica promotes a green economy.”

“Contractors like Mr. Peter Lewis and so many more that we have in Bartica, must not only provide jobs and support for our services, but they must understand, that whatever they do, they must do it in an environmentally friendly manner,” he said.

“Our trees must be protected. It must not be bulldozed and replaced with concrete. Our street corners must not be littered with unsightly building waste. Our drains must not be clogged with building materials. In other words, our pristine environment must be sustained,” the Mayor reiterated.

President David Granger on assuming office in 2015, advocated for Guyana to move quickly to develop a green economy and for Bartica to lead the way, becoming the first “green town”. He later charged the new town council to lead the residents towards this goal.