GTA improving service quality in hospitality and tourism sectors through training

Guyana’s tourism sector is set to benefit from improved quality of service, as the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) underwent a number of training exercises in March 2023.

The GTA on Sunday said the exercises spanned a number of areas related to tourism and hospitality practices locally.

Training included First Aid and CPR, mixology, delivering quality service as well as health, safety, security and environment (HSSE).

The Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) Training was held by GTA, in collaboration with the Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD)

The First Aid & CPR training saw 23 persons from Paruima Village, Region Seven being taught practical and theoretical methods to ensure the community is sufficiently trained to handle emergency situations whenever they arise.

A second iteration of the programme was subsequently carried out in the Essequibo areas, and both sessions were carried out by Melisa Alstrom, an experienced first responder and trainer attached to the Guyana Training College for International Skills (GTCIS).

The mixology training session, led by Chetnauth Persaud of the GTA and Anil Singh, an experienced bartender, was held in Linden, Region 10, in collaboration with that region’s tourism committee.

Critical areas of mixology including the different types of bartending, selecting ingredients, garnishing drinks, measuring and pouring techniques as well as how to properly present a drink, were covered.

These areas were also complemented by customer service practices, time management, communication, and how to remain calm under pressure courses.

First Aid & CPR Training saw 23 persons from Paruima Village, Region Seven, benefitting from theoretical and practical training

Meanwhile, the delivering quality service session saw 14 participants being trained at the Aruwai Resort White H2O by Marlon George, a master trainer attached to the GTA.

The training aimed to improve the level of customer service provided within the region. Participants were guided through areas such as the importance of customer service, as well as proper etiquette and hospitality techniques, to ensure that all guests receive the highest quality of customer service consistent with both local and international standards.

An additional session was held in Region Two, which saw 26 persons being trained in the same areas by Chetnauth Persaud, GTA’s Training and Product Development Officer.

The HSSE training, held by the GTA, in collaboration with the Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD) benefitted representatives from hotel accommodations, interior lodges and resorts as well as tour operators and tour guides.

Participants also received education in the areas of hazard recognition and controls, risk assessment, risk management and incident management.

Additionally, 62 Community Service Officers (CSOs) from the ten (10) administrative regions attended a one-week introduction to tourism training by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs’ Youth Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Programme.

Participants were introduced to key areas of tourism development, including the importance of customer service, understanding visitor needs and expectations as well as developing tourism experiences.

While the first group was guided through a field visit to Surama Eco Lodge, the second group visited Rewa Eco Lodge.

According to the GTA, being able to experience the lodges and their surroundings, interact with the staff, and learn more about their community-based tourism development model was well received by all. The training was executed in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce, and Ministry of Amerindian Affairs and facilitated by the GTA.