Guyana advocates stronger ‘cooperation and partnership’ at UNSC

As Guyana prepares to take up its seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), stronger cooperation and partnership were outlined as the most viable path for global peace and security.

Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud in his address at the Closing Ceremony of the UNSC Workshop in Beijing, China emphasised the importance of multilateralism and dialogue.

The Foreign Secretary, who serves as Guyana’s High Representative for UNSC Affairs, met with Mr. Ma Zhaoxu, Executive Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, who also addressed the workshop organized by China.

Mr. Persaud in his address noted that, “As Guyana prepares to take on the important responsibility of serving on the UN Security Council, we reaffirm that our tenure will be guided by a firm adherence to the rule of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. Our engagement as a Council member will be aimed at contributing constructively to the mandates, and to enhancing the well-being of the world’s people.”

The Foreign Secretary observed that “The international security landscape today is extremely complex, but these challenges can be overcome if managed carefully through firm adherence to international law, trust-building, and dialogue.

“In this family of nations…we each have diverse experiences and strengths and can bring these to bear in securing our common future.”

Mr. Persaud recalled that President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, who will be in China shortly to meet with President Xi Jinping, has also emphasised the importance of constructive multilateralism and a commitment to dialogue and peace. Guided by these principles, Guyana will continue to engage with members of the UNSC.

Before meeting in Beijing, the Foreign Secretary was in Washington, D.C. to meet with the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian Nichols, and other top U.S. officials on several matters including those related to the UNSC.