Guyana gears up to host a major academic conference in 2020

─ Heads of Tourism Dept and UG say conference to open new opportunities

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, November 12, 2019

After 45 years, the annual Caribbean Studies Association Conference will, for the first time, be hosted on Guyanese soil at the University of Guyana (UG) from June 1-5, 2020.

Described as an independent organisation and with a mandate to promote Caribbean Studies in both a multidisciplinary and multicultural manner, the Caribbean Studies Association’s (CSA) conference is expected to be a forum in which academic minds, from both the region and its diaspora, will engage in constructive discourse on matters that impact everyday life in the Caribbean.

At a media launch on Tuesday, UG’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chair of the University’s Transitional Management Committee, Professor Paloma Mohamed said while approximately 600 academics, social activists, artists in addition to persons experienced in other fields will attend the conference, UG will use the moment to explore other avenues.

“That [conference] is likely to give to us a huge opportunity for good, solid, mental feasts… UG will also capitalise on the period just before and just after to have two conferences that we should have had this year,” Professor Mohamed stated.

In the week running up to the conference, UG will host its second Diaspora and Entrepreneurship Conference, and in the week after the CSA conference, the university will host its Guiana Shield Conference.

CSA’s 2020 conference will be held under the theme: Identity Politics, Industry, Ecology and the Intelligent Economy in Caribbean Studies. Due to its size and objective objectives, the conference will be co-hosted by the Department of Tourism.

During remarks at the media launch, the Tourism Department’s Director-General, Donald Sinclair noted the CSA conference will allow the country to benefit from SAVE (Scientific, Academic, Volunteer and Educational) travellers.

According to Sinclair, foreign participants will not only attend the conference for its rich academic discourse but explore the people, culture and landscape of Guyana. “We hope is that the delegates will leave Guyana with a firm impression of a rich country. Rich in culture and big in heart,” he red.

With much enthusiasm, CSA’s president and proud Guyanese, Dr. Travis Jules, lauded the support of UG and the Tourism Department for the assistance in making the conference a reality.

“It is the top academic organisation for those of us who study the Caribbean, those of us who work in the Caribbean, those of us who aspire to study in the Caribbean and in the organisation’s 45 years, it has never set foot on the shores of Guyana. So, this is phenomenal for Guyana to bring it,” Dr. Jules passionately related.

The 2020 conference will be hosted at Pegasus Hotel Guyana.