‘Guyana is a sovereign state, respect the decisions of our institutions’ – President Granger

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, May 26, 2020

His Excellency, President David Granger, has made it clear that he will not breach international relations, protocols, nor disrespect any sovereign state.

His comments came in response to a question of diplomatic interference in Guyana’s affairs, during and after the March 2nd General and Regional Elections’ during an appearance on Lite 104.1 FM with host Bobby Vieira.

President Granger noted that he would never allow Guyana’s representatives in countries abroad to do such a thing.

“As I said, I will not instruct my ambassadors in Washington or my High Commission in Ottawa or High Commission in London or South Africa, Ambassador in Brasilia to do anything in those capitals which would be a breach of the international relations on which our country has been founded.”

Adding that those diplomatic relations have been founded on respect and that Guyana as well is entitled to that same respect.

“I only ask that people are respectful to us and that we allow the present process, which may be slow, but it is lawful, to come to an end,” he urged.

The Head of State emphasised that he will not criticise any foreign diplomat, but reiterated that mutual respect was needed.

“Beneath International relations there is the principle of reciprocity, the principle of respect, and I urge people to respect Guyana, respect our government, respect the decisions of our institutions, our commissions.”

He also made clear that “to my knowledge I have not committed any crime, my government has not committed any crime, from the start of the controversy which erupted after the 2nd March and even throughout last year 2019, I insisted that my government would be guided at all times by the constitution, that’s our supreme law.”

President Granger noted that while perceived as small, Guyana must be treated as a sovereign state.

Additionally, the Head of State reminded that his government has diligently built cordial relations all over the world, particularly with neighbours; Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname, and more importantly with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

“We were one of the original signatories to the Caribbean Community, I have profound respect for the Caribbean Community and I really take umbrage to people who feel that the Caribbean Community is not qualified to perform credibly in the work it is now doing in Guyana.”

The President also stated that he resented allegations of rigging and hypocrisy, and unlawful behaviour, which have been levelled against him personally and against his government

“As far as I know the process from the 2nd of March, even prior, remains uninterruptedly within the domain and the authority of the elections commission … I have also insisted that to the extent that the court makes its rulings, we will respect the rulings of the court. I have insisted that under the constitution, only the elections commission has the authority to manage or conduct the election. I don’t interfere, I don’t manage the way the elections commission does its work and I assured the population of Guyana that if they are any challenges, I have every confidence in the ability of the Caribbean Community.”

Reiterating his confidence that as a community of 15 nation states, CARICOM can help in bringing this current situation to a favourable and lawful conclusion.

“That is what I call the Four Cs; the Constitution, the Court, the Commission and CARICOM.” The President told host Bobby Vieira.