Guyana Marketing Corporation urges citizens to take advantage of services

General Manager of the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC)Teshawna Lall is urging persons to take advantage of the services provided by corporation to grow their businesses.

Lall was speaking at the 11th-anniversary celebration of the Guyana Shop on Wednesday.

“Let me remind you that we are a start-to-finish agency where we assist you on how to get your products started…from label designs to nutritional facts, preservatives and even packaging materials but we don’t stop there. We take your products to the next level, by selling them to the Guyana Shop for you, and even distribute throughout the country,” Lall stated.

General Manager of the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) Teshawna Lall

So far, the GMC has aided the development, marketing and sales of over 3022 locally manufactured products in 24 categories.

“I encourage more individuals to maximise opportunities offered by our commissioned agro-processing facilities nationwide to manufacture your products. We would not only provide internationally certified processing facilities but also work with you to provide training in marketing, agri-business development, food safety and offer the Guyana Shop as an entry avenue for your products,” she added.

Some locally produced items in the Guyana Shop

She noted that the goal is to ensure that all locally manufactured agro-processed products meet international standards and that emerging entrepreneurs can develop, launch and expand their agri-business ventures.

Lall also noted the importance of the agro-processing industry.

“Impacting the livelihoods of thousands of Guyanese by providing employment opportunities, particularly for women and youth, the chain benefits not only agro-processors but farmers, supermarkets, exporters and beyond, even our economy as a whole.” The services and support provided by the GMC add to the many ways the Government of Guyana provides support to boost agriculture production in Guyana, as the country takes the lead in Agriculture in the Caribbean and Latin American Region.

Local Manufacturers interacting with consumers at the Guyana Shop