Guyana Office for Investment continues to drive innovation in exports

The Guyana Office for Investment’s export promotion department has over the last 10 months embarked on a robust marketing campaign to promote Guyana’s products internationally

With the main focus on creating opportunities for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), the agency has engaged over 50 manufacturers in Regions Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Ten in areas of product development, e-commerce, export marketing, and energy management.

A section of the Guyana Office for Investment booth at GuyExpo 2023

The sessions aimed to enhance their overall operations, providing them with a competitive edge in the international market.

The Guyana Office for Investment is working closely with the Guyana Marketing Corporation, Small Business Bureau, Guyana National Bureau of Standards, and the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association, to ensure local manufacturers are equipped for the markets and to ensure these manufacturers adhere to standard guidelines in operations such as having necessary certification required on the international market.

With the signing of the St. Barnabas Accord for Cooperation with Barbados, the Guyana Office for Investment took the bold step to establish an office in Barbados to assist investors and exporters with the ease of doing business within the two countries.

One of the exhibitors at the Guyana Office for Investment booth at GuyExpo 2023

Due to this effort, several companies have invested or have been exporting to Barbados to date.

Early this year, ONLY COCONUT began exporting to Barbados, while Comfort Sleep has established a warehouse and showroom facility in Barbados.

Notable engagement to be finalised shortly includes the supply of raw materials and manufacturing of ration packs to support the Barbados Disaster Relief Programme and the supply of packaging materials to the small and medium sized manufacturers in Barbados.

Meanwhile, with the return of GuyExpo, the export department has utilised the opportunity to promote and support manufacturers showcasing the finest products that Guyana has to offer.

GuyExpo 2023 is currently themed: “Transforming Guyana through Investment, Innovation, and Resilience.” In alignment with this theme, the Guyana Office for Investment is featuring manufacturers with innovative products, emphasising creativity and resilience.

“It’s great to see GuyExpo again. The APNU+AFC Government stagnated the economy so badly, they canceled GuyExpo.  The transformation in the last three years and the massive amount of innovative products is a testament of our President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s vision,” Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Office for Investment, Dr Petter Ramsaroop told the Department of Public Information on Sunday.

One of the exhibitors at the Guyana Office for Investment booth at GuyExpo 2023

The initiative is to bring new inspiration to manufacturing and to inspire potentially new SMEs.

Participating manufacturers at the Guyana Office for Investment booth include Ashdel’s Enterprise which manufactures quick and easy beef and vegetarian pepperpot in box, ready to eat in one minute with a shelf life of one year.

East Gate Productions, features potpourri made from wood shavings while Eco-Solutions Inc., has on display a furnishing suite, along with a complimentary bar stool set made of aquatic plant fibre.

Another enterprise, Essence of Herbs is offering tea in a pod, which is much stronger than teabag, making this product not just instant but reusable, while Taz Foods is specialised in dehydrated cook-up rice in a packet ready to eat in five-10 minutes from the stovetop or microwave.

Additionally, Luke’s Manufacturing is showcasing its unique product in the form of a dessert wine, titled Coffee Wine, with a blend of coffee combined with berries. There is also Wooden Words showcasing authenticity, talent, and creative work made from locally produced wood.