Guyana prepares for 2023 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas

Guyana is preparing for the 2023 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas. The Guyana delegation led by Dr. Peter Ramsaroop, Chief Investment Officer of Guyana and Agency Head of the Guyana Office for Investment, comprises 40 private sector companies such as GKB, Guyana Logistics & Support Services, Friedlander, GTT, Swiss Machinery along with several Guyanese Associations; AMCHAM, GCCI, PSC, GOGEC and approximately 100 participants.

The four-day event, starting May 1st, marks Guyana’s fourth time participating in the Conference. Guyanese businesses aim to attract investments, primarily in the oil, gas, and service sectors, while establishing key partnerships.

On the first day of the event, Dr. Peter Ramsaroop along with the Honorary Consul General of Guyana, Mr. Lutfi Hassan will officially lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the inauguration of the grand opening of the Guyana Pavilion.

This year’s feature presentation will be on the Investment outlook of Guyana. A presentation will also be made on accelerating offshore development while maintaining an ecological balance, focusing on the country’s carbon credit trading and commitment to a low-carbon economy.

Guyana’s investment opportunities will be presented at the 2nd Annual Boardroom Session: Guyana Executive Roundtable. A Guyana Evening of Information Sharing and Networking hosted by ExxonMobil Guyana will give attendees the opportunity to connect with key individuals from various international and local companies. Presentations will be made by representatives from ExxonMobil, the US Embassy in Guyana, and the Agency Head of the Guyana Office for Investment is expected to headline the event.

The Chief Investment Officer and Agency Head of the Guyana Office for Investment lamented that OTC provides the ability for companies to develop business relationships and tap into emerging regions that are vital to offshore development.

Guyana has unmatched success with more than 11 per cent of the world’s recent oil discoveries. He also highlighted that the country’s presence will aid in marketing the traditional sectors, such as Agriculture, Tourism, ICT, Manufacturing, Services, Mining, and Forestry. “This year we have a few new companies on board representing an array of diversified sectors, we have the banking sector, insurance, logistics, and support services. We are all here to market our beautiful Guyana in support of our President’s One Guyana initiative.”

Participation at OTC allows Guyanese businesses to learn and seek partners in pursuit of emerging opportunities in the South American country and also aid in bringing more Supply Chain opportunities to Guyana’s shores.

A major importance of this mission is education, connection, and networking. The conference has the attendance of energy professionals, engineers, executives, operators, scientists, and managers from across the world and all fields in the offshore energy sector. Industry leaders will discuss licensing and business opportunities as well as recently introduced new technologies.