Guyana, USA maintains strong partnership, cooperation

Guyana and the United States have further solidified their partnership through continuous collaboration and investments, bolstering ties across key sectors and contributing to significant economic and social advancements.

US Ambassador to Guyana, Nicole Theriot highlighted the robust ties in sectors including law enforcement, business, healthcare, education, agriculture, and infrastructure.

She made the statement at the 2024 4th of July celebration Thursday evening, at the Pegasus Suite and Corporate Centre, in Kingston, Georgetown.

“Through trade missions, conferences, and exchanges between our private sectors, our companies are unleashing economic growth that supports the employment of thousands, providing a better future for Guyana,” Theriot stated. 

US Ambassador Nicole Theriot speaking at the 2024 Fourth of July celebration at Pegasus Suites and Corporate Centre

Last year, the two countries traded goods worth US$4.6 billion, a significant increase from the US$100 million. Several Guyanese firms and the government have also adopted US technology to enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

This has significantly bolstered the countries’ deep commercial ties along with the increasing presence of US companies in Guyana.  

In support of the government’s vision of transforming Guyana into the Caribbean food security hub, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been working to bring products like turmeric, coconut, and West Indian cherries to market in Guyana and abroad.

Dedicated to providing foreign assistance, USAID has also facilitated multiple programmes, promoting food security, small business incubation, women’s economic security, and institutional strengthening in Guyana.

Further strengthening connections, approximately 38 volunteers from the US agency Peace Corps have been partnering with the government, communities, and schools to improve literacy rates and healthcare knowledge nationwide.

US exchange alumni from the Young Leaders of the Americas and International Visitors Leadership Programmes also contribute to making a tangible difference in communities across Guyana.

The alumni use the valuable experience from their time in the US to foster entrepreneurial innovation among women, train teachers in inclusive education and inspire youth to become engaged community leaders.

Ambassador Theriot also referred to the countries’ military partnership as “the strongest it’s ever been” and pledged the US’s dedication to maintaining this.

US Ambassador Nicole Theriot and President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, at the 2024 Fourth of July celebration at Pegasus Suites and Corporate Centre

“In the face of bullies and tyrants, the United States will always stand with Guyana. We will continue to grow and prosper together and enjoy peace and security in this critically important region,” she affirmed.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), along with Guyana’s Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit, has seized thousands of kilogrammes of illegal drugs.

The US law enforcement has also collaborated with the Guyana Defence Force on institutional strengthening, air domain awareness, cyber defence, and apprehending fugitives.

Under the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, the US has allocated significant military financing to support the Guyana Coast Guard, which is responsible for ensuring maritime security through maritime surveillance and law enforcement.

By hosting Tradewinds, Guyana has brought together over 1,000 personnel from partner nations for an exercise aimed at increasing regional training capacity and promoting regional stability. The two countries continue to maintain strong investment relations, with more US hotels being built across Georgetown.