Guyana’s requests for assistance pending

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, April 11, 2020

Prime Minister Hon. Moses Nagamootoo on Saturday indicated that several requests made by Guyana to international agencies to aid in the country’s fight against COVID-19 are currently pending while noting that he is unaware of any such request being denied.


Prime Minister the Hon. Moses Nagamootoo

Prime Minister Nagamootoo, who is the Chairman of the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) was at the responding to a question during a virtual press conference.

He disclosed that “the Minister of Finance has indicated to us that he has approached a number of institutions and some of these institutions are in the process of dealing with the request for assistance.”

The NCTC chairman further added that while he is not aware of the approval or dismal of a loan request made to the World Bank, the country has not been denied assistance.

“I can say that Guyana has not been deemed disqualified any assistance from anywhere.”

He stated that Guyana is pursuing assistance from Indian through the Indian Grant to Caribbean Countries. It was noted that approaches are being made to utilise Guyana’s allocation for supplies relevant to the COVID-19 fight in Guyana,

The Prime Minister also noted that an approach was also made to the People’s Republic of China. He disclosed that “assistance is forthcoming as an estimated 30,000 masks and a number of ventilators and other essential medical equipment are on their way to Guyana.”