GWI addressing Four Mile water supply issue – Min. Croal

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal has assured that the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is taking steps to address the water supply issues in the community of Four Mile, Port Kaituma, Region One (Barima-Waini).

The disclosure follows complaints received by residents regarding the supply of potable water to the community.

Minister Croal explained that the initial plan was to supply residents of Four Mile with potable water from a well drilled in the Two-Mile area.

However, after completing the well, during its testing phase, it was discovered that it could not supply water to Four Mile.

Subsequently, GWI drilled a larger well in the Fitzburg area that would supply water to Four Mile and other nearby areas.

“An eight-inch well was later completed in the Fitzburg area and recently activated and tested which turns out to be one of the best-producing wells in Port Kaituma,” Minister Croal said in a statement via his Facebook page on Wednesday.

The GWI team has commenced troubleshooting the system. It is working alongside the Port Kaituma Power and Light (PKPL) to complete the activity, the minister further explained.

The team will be joined by a technical squad from Georgetown over the next few days to assist in this regard. 

“GWI is continuing to work to ensure the supply of water to the residents in the Four Mile area and all surrounding areas in the shortest possible time,” Minister Croal reassured the residents.

Additionally, efforts are also being made to improve the water supply in the Oronoque community, which has been affected by the collapse of one of the wells over the past two weeks.

Further, GWI plans to install connections to additional households in the Fitzburg and airstrip areas, providing service for another 60 persons over the next four weeks.

Minister Croal said despite the challenges presented by the geological formation and aquifer in the Port Kaituma area, GWI is committed to drilling more wells in the future to remove the reliance on the water from the Kaituma River.

He assured the public that the government will continue to work towards providing access to safe, potable water for all Guyanese.