GWI Honors Long-Serving Employees, Retirees for Outstanding Contributions

The Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) recognized the dedication and exceptional service of 26 long-serving employees and 19 recent retirees in a ceremony held on Tuesday. These individuals, hailing from various departments across the national utility, have played an instrumental role in delivering safe drinking water to the nation.

Among the recognized employees, Julian James and Joseph Jupiter stood out for completing an impressive 40 years of service. Notably, they continue to serve GWI and show no intention of leaving the company in the near future.

At the awards ceremony, held at the Threatre Guild, Shaik Baksh, the Chief Executive Officer of GWI, expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the honored employees and reiterated the company’s commitment to the professional growth and development of all staff members. The event was part of the celebrations marking GWI’s 21st anniversary of service to the nation.

Baksh emphasized that GWI’s remarkable achievements over the past two decades would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication of its employees. The eradication of poor water infrastructure and the reduction of waterborne diseases are notable accomplishments. Currently, 97 percent of the population has access to clean water, and the government is working diligently to achieve full coverage by 2025.

GWI acknowledges the growing expectations of the public regarding treated water and, with the support and funding from the government, is taking swift action to meet these demands. Construction of seven new water treatment plants and refurbishment of twelve existing ones are currently underway, with completion expected by 2024. These projects will significantly enhance the quality of water provided to residents.

This year, the government has invested approximately $14.5 billion in the water sector, targeting the delivery of treated water, upgrades to existing water infrastructure, construction of new facilities, and the drilling of wells across the country.

Baksh underscored the government and GWI’s shared understanding of the water sector’s importance in achieving the country’s development goals. Both entities are working aggressively to meet the water needs of all stakeholders.

GWI is dedicated to continuously improving its state-of-the-art laboratory. Having already received certification from the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS), the company aims to achieve ISO certification within the next two years.

Baksh also acknowledged that while GWI has achieved financial viability in recent years and is moving to reach break-even point at the earliest possible time, efforts must be made to reduce water losses, which currently impact the company’s operations. To address this issue, GWI is expecting to benefit from a loan provided by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), which will support the company in achieving financial sustainability, reducing water losses, and building a more resilient water infrastructure.

Baksh emphasized the need for collective effort to realize the company’s goals, vision, and mission, while also expressing commitment to continuously improving working conditions for employees. GWI places a high priority on training and retraining its staff, retaining key and critical skills through improved packages, and recognizing employees who have pursued professional development opportunities.

In recent developments, GWI has introduced a pension scheme for its employees and upgraded the working conditions for staff members in Regions Two, Five, Ten, and East Bank Demerara, Region Four.

Ramesh Dookhoo, Chairman of the GWI Board, commended the company’s employees as its most valuable asset. Dookhoo used the occasion to highlight the importance of loyalty, dedication, and service as the key attributes of exceptional employees, emphasizing that GWI is an exemplary employer.