Haags Bosch operating almost to optimal efficiency… – Puran Brothers praised for excellent management

Georgetown Guyana: April 21, 2017

Pointing out what he referred to as drastic changes in the waste management practices at the Haag Bosch Landfill Facility, Site Manager, Lloyd Stanton detailed that Puran Brothers Disposal Inc. has already been operating at 75 percent contractual efficiency.

In addition, the company has displayed a compliance rate of 95 percent in accordance with clauses in the contract as it relates to the equipment required.

Stanton was at the time providing an update on the management of the facility by the disposal company, which is the current sanitation service providers working on the site.

Officials from Puran Brothers Disposal Inc during discussions with officials from the Ministry of Communities

A high-level team from the Ministry of Communities recently met with Puran Brothers Disposal Inc. to assess the state of compliance with the standing operational procedures as contained in the contract for the management of the Haags Bosch Landfill Facility at Eccles, East Bank Demerara.

The company has begun submitting monthly reports to the Site Manager and have since established a maintenance record that is on par with the service requirements.

Stanton also revealed that the Ministry has approved a list of permanent and temporary pickers and buyers as well as a list of regulations that will govern the conduct of the employees.

The operators are now working to establish and formalise a registration sheet for every vehicle involved in waste management that enters the site.

According to Stanton, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing to conduct consultations with all waste management services providers to ensure they have operational permits.

The EPA will also conduct a site and staff inspection during the month of May.

It has been over five months into the contract and Permanent Secretary Emile McGarrell applauded the company on the level of progress so far.

He also praised the contractors for the state of the facility after significant strides were made towards restoring some semblance of order and integrity.

McGarrel informed Puran Brothers that the Ministry intends to have a facility which can be used as a demonstration site and can be replicated at other facilities to be established in all 10 regions.

He noted that the ministry is also committed to ensuring that the site is managed differently from the manner of management that previously existed.

Since the new contractors began operations, the site has never been closed for any reason (emergency or otherwise) and has so far been operating close to optimum.

The contracting company has reported that businesses have been dumping asbestos and smouldering materials at the site. However, appropriate mechanisms have been put in place to detect harmful substances and the errant businesses will soon be written to on account of the violations.

Operations Manager, Rufus Lewis stated that designated areas have also been identified for quarantine of trucks ferrying suspect materials to the dumpsite.

Lewis also disclosed that by the end of April, seven employees would have been trained to deal with hazardous waste.

Lewis mentioned that Puran Brothers has submitted a draft contingency plan that is currently being vetted and fine-tuned to cater to any eventuality.

Going forward, strict quality control measures will be used to manage the future operations of the site.

All persons entering the compound must be appropriately outfitted with the requisite safety gear.

In addition, the roads leading to the site are being paved and there is no concern as it relates to noise, smoke, dust or other types of pollution.

Lewis said that with the daily covers and compaction, the company has managed to eradicate any incidence of rodents burrowing in the cells or cracking the surface.

The operations manager pointed out that since the necessary resources are more forthcoming, performance is of a higher quality in all regards.

He pledged that with the help of engineers and technical expertise, Puran Brothers will pursue every initiative that will ensure the site is transformed into a sanitary landfill.

Landfill Technician, Herbert Urling said that there has been a vast improvement in the management and operations of the facility.

“When we took over this place there was garbage everywhere. We’ve had several stumbling blocks along the way but we are well on our way to ensure this facility is at the standard at which it should function,” Urling underscored.

Head of the Sanitation Management Unit, Gordon Gilkes said he was happy that the company is working to deliver on a promise to bring relief to the residents living in the vicinity of the landfill site.

He explained that although, resident adjacent to the landfill continue to experience some level of discomfort, there has been measurable improvements.

Director of Puran Brothers, Lakenauth Puran expressed satisfaction that his company has been given the opportunity to fulfil a promise to ensure the site is brought in accordance with standard outlined for a landfill facility.

The company was informed that the Ministry will be taking a more enlightened view in the monitoring process and will be facilitating regular and sporadic checks at the facility.


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