Health Minister urges Wakenaam residents to grasp training opportunities

Residents of Wakenaam are urged to take advantage of the many training opportunities in the health sector as government rolls out its modernisation and developmental plans for communities across Guyana.

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony addressing residents of Wakanaam

Addressing residents on the Region Three island on Wednesday, Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony said there are many opportunities available, and coming on stream, especially for the younger residents in the health-related sectors of the economy.

He stated that with the upgrades at all levels of the health sector, and the construction of new facilities, human resources are needed.

The staff of the Wakanaam Cottage Hospital

“I know you have a lot of young people in this community. If they are looking for jobs, we will be starting a programme later this year where we will be recruiting at least 500 persons to be trained as nurses and that programme is going to be a hybrid programme,” Dr. Anthony said.

Dr. Anthony, in explaining the term hybrid, said the theoretical aspect will be done virtually while practical will be done at simulation centers that will be established.

“We are aiming to train a minimum of 500 persons starting this year so, we are looking for people, and I am sure that you have bright young people here that would be interested in the registered nursing programmes,” Dr. Anthony said.

Additionally, he said there are other training programmes where there is a need for persons to fill vacancies such as nursing assistants, pharmacy assistants, and biomedical technicians for X-ray.

Some of these training programmes will be done with the help of international partners.

Dr. Anthony added, “so, lots of training opportunities and the beauty of all of this is when we train you, once you pass your exams…we will recruit you, and you will be working in the health sector.”

Wakanaam Resident, Jeanette Harrylall

Meanwhile, Wakenaam resident Jeanette Harrylall, commended the government for providing the training opportunities.

“I would like to commend you and the government for the number of trainings you have listed this afternoon that will be made available to the young people of Wakenaam,” she said.

“The fact that these trainings are coming to Region Three is a big plus for the government and I hope all young people in Wakenaam will take advantage of this. It might not come your way again,” Harrylall added.

The government will soon commence construction of six regional hospitals, a pediatric and maternal hospital, and major upgrades to the existing facilities, including all health centers across the country.

Minister Anthony had previously stated that all of the facilities will have to be staffed, and there will be a new approach to training to get more nurses to fix the deficit.

The ministry is working with several international partners to accelerate this process, which includes the World Health Organisation’s collaborating center in Brazil, which will facilitate the hybrid training programme for nurses.