Hitting the nail on the head!

─ Vergenoegen resident received timely support from Education Department

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, August 29, 2019

As part of the government’s regional community meeting in the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region on Wednesday afternoon, Minister of Education, Hon. Dr. Nicolette Henry met with residents from the community of Vergenoegen at the Philadelphia Primary School.

This move by the Coalition Government is to allow residents to voice their concerns and to find solutions to their problems at the shortest possible time.

During the meeting, it was the story of Anthony Ferrier, which caught the attention of many. Ferrier shared a recent incident of almost losing his daughter to death and the struggle of providing the necessary materials and supplies for her to attend secondary school.

Giving a chance to speak, Ferrier said that his 11-year-old daughter, Thifel Ferrier, fell from the second floor of a two-story building when she was just three. According to the 61-year-old man, since the incident, his daughter has been facing several physical challenges; which has caused great frustration to his family.

He explained that currently, the 11-year-old suffers from a “partially damaged brain” and the left side of her body is paralyzed. Resulting from the illness too, the young child had to be hospitalised for several months. He said although the incident occurred years ago, several visits had to be made to various hospitals to seek medical assistance.

Ferrier, still visibly shaken, highlighted that his daughter’s current disposition is not the only reason he attended the meeting. He noted that she was among the thousands who wrote this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and will be attending the Vergenoegen Secondary School come September.

However, Ferrier underscored that his family is currently experiencing financial constraints and cannot afford to purchase school uniforms, and other necessary materials for the new school term.

Solution to problem                                                                                                                                                      Ferrier returned to his home in all smiles. Speaking to the Department of Public Information (DPI), Regional Education Officer (REdO), Annesta Douglas, who was also present at the event, responded to Ferrier’s situation. She said concerning his plea for assistance with school supplies for his daughter, that situation could be remedied as early as tomorrow.

The REdO informed that the Education Department, through its School’s Welfare Department, has launched its 2019 ‘back-to-school drive,’ which caters for similar matters. “At present, we are equipped to assist persons who are in need, and they can contact us at the Department of Education, Region 3,” said Douglas.

Additionally, earlier in the day the department distributed school supplies to one hundred students.

Also at the engagement today, Minister Henry was informed of the urgent need for a recreational facility for the youths in the village. A resident, Pamela Duke, also asked for the establishment of evening classes for school drop-outs. Other residents spoke of the need for better roads and the installation of streetlights.

Minister Henry was able to give definite answers to many of the issues highlighted. Those that could not be dealt with immediacy, she noted, will be conveyed to the relevant ministers or agencies so that solutions can be granted.