“Hold your government accountable”- PM Nagamootoo

−Ensure those serving have integrity.

DPI, Guyana, Monday, December 9, 2019

Guyanese must hold the government accountable, especially now that the country is on the brink of an extraordinary change.

The call came from Prime Minister the Honourable Moses Nagamootoo during a community engagement at the Anna Regina Secondary School, Essequibo Coast, on Sunday.

He highlighted the importance of integrity, especially for those who hold high offices.

“We must insist on high integrity, under our watch it was this government, the APNU+AFC government, that brought back the Integrity Commission and strengthened the Integrity Law, recomposed it so that those persons in public office, particularly the elected officials must declare their assets,” Hon. Moses Nagamootoo stated.

As he underscored the importance of transparency and accountability, the Prime Minister said that public officials must declare their assets as required by law.

“We must know how recently they have acquired monies and properties. We must know because it is the people’s money eventually that we seek to protect from those who would plunder because they hold strategic offices,” the PM noted.

He implored the citizens to be a part of the process and to ensure that those who were serving or will be selected to serve in high offices were held to the strictest form of accountability.

“So, we want to know also that the people who are going to hold office that they have integrity… that they not gonna put their hands in the cookie jar. So, our contributions in office must be the contribution as models for the Guyanese people, that we can manage the resources of the state for the benefit of our people.”

The Integrity Commission Act, which was assented to in 1997, is meant to guard against mismanagement and preserve the integrity of people in public office.


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