House-to-House Registration continues

– High Court denies request by an attorney to issue a conservatory order to block the continuation of the exercise

 DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, July 23, 2019

As the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM)’s House-to-House Registration process enters its fourth day of operations, the High Court has denied a request by Attorney Christopher Ram to issue a conservatory order to block the continuation of the exercise.

The request was denied by Chief Justice Roxane George.

It is important to note that refusing to register is an offence liable to a fine of $16,250 or 6-months imprisonment under the national registration act.

With the conservatory order being blocked, registration is set to continue as per normal.

House-to-House Registration began on Saturday July 20, and since then, more than 20,000 persons have been successfully registered, thus far.

Public Relations Officer of the GECOM Yolanda Ward had indicated during an interview that this number represents citizen’s receptiveness and understanding of the seriousness of the registration process.

“Registration is a legal requirement. It is facilitated under the Registration Act and therefore, it is mandated that once you have attained the age of 14, you should register to be part of the National Register of Registrants.”

According to Ward, GECOM currently has 29 registration offices all in operation-mode for the exercise. To supplement these offices, the elections body has also established 262 cluster offices across the country that are being manned by Assistant Registration Officers.

Field staff will be continuing the registration process from 8:00hrs to 17:00hrs on weekends and holidays and 15:00hrs to 19:00hrs on weekdays.

The registration process continues until October.