Hundreds turn out for second dose Sputnik V vaccine

The Ministry of Health today, began administering the second dose of the Sputnik V vaccine, which became available on Monday following a lengthy delay.  Hundreds of people turned out to receive their jabs at the Ministry on Brickdam.

Persons awaiting their COVID-19 vaccine

DPI spoke with a number of persons who said they took the vaccine to protect themselves and their families from the deadly COVID-19. They are also encouraging others to do the same.

Keisha Hilkin said she took her jab to help fight the Coronavirus and to protect her two children.

“I feel pretty good because they say the vaccine help you fight the virus, so I have two little boys and I would do everything possible to protect my boys so I got myself vaccinated…I would encourage others to take the vaccine, as well, so you could protect your family members,” she said.

Keisha Hilkin speaking with DPI

Ingrid Chabinaught is proud to be fully vaccinated. She told DPI that will also ensure her children are vaccinated as well.

“I take it because I got my two kids and them does deh around me and them have to go and take them second dose too at the school and I feel proud about it… I feel much better how I come out and take it.”

Meanwhile, Govin Nakilavan said he took his vaccine to boost his immune system in order to fight the disease, if he becomes infected. He is also encouraging others to take the jab as they will need it to protect themselves.

“Basically, you want to protect yourself from the virus. You don’t want to get infected; it won’t prevent you from getting it [COVID-19] but will help boost your immune system…I would encourage people to come out and take it because in the future you gonna need it, in a time like this you gonna need the vaccine,” he related.

Govin Nakilavan speaking with DPI

Omega Garraway shared similar sentiments, “I would advise people to take it, I take it for my kids…so I would encourage everybody to take the vaccine.”

An elderly, Noel Mohan is fully vaccinated against the disease. He said he is happy to be immunised and is also encouraging everyone to take the jab.

“I feel very good with it, no complain, I get no effect with it, it went ok with me…I encourage anybody to … take the vaccine,” Mohan urged.

Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, MP, said the Sputnik V vaccine is now available at vaccine sites across the country. He is urging persons to go out and get inoculated.

“We have Sputnik V second dose that is now available, and again it’s who need that second dose they should come out now and get it so that they can be completely vaccinated. We have distributed to all the regions so right now in every region the sites in those regions they have second dose Sputnik.

Getting inoculated against the COVID-19

“In total we’re working with five different vaccines in Guyana, Astra Zeneca, Sinopharm, Sputnik V, Pfizer and J&J…so those persons who are now four weeks to 12 weeks after their first dose or anytime between that they have to come back and get their second dose,” Minister Anthony said. The health minister is again calling on persons to take the necessary precautions: washing their hands regularly, wearing a mask, sanitising and getting vaccinated in order to prevent  hospitalisation and deaths.