Hydromet issues flood advisory

DPI, Guyana, Friday, May 29, 2020

The Hydrometeorological Department of the Ministry of Agriculture has reported that heavy and continuous rainfall is anticipated over the next 12-36 hours over Guyana.

The department’s advisory stated that there will be mostly cloudy to overcast skies throughout Guyana with coastal and inland areas experiencing continuous moderate to heavy showers.

“There will be a period of continuous rain and isolated thundershowers over some Inland areas. Periodic high-intensity rainfalls are anticipated in areas of Regions 2 to 6 and 10. Precipitation is expected to be less intense over all other locations,” the advisory stated.

The department noted that these forecasted conditions will likely lead to flooding in low lying areas and possible landslides over hilly areas.

Residents are advised to remain alert and exercise all precautionary measures as the department continues to monitor the weather.

“Persons are advised to take the necessary precautions against these activities. Additionally, drivers and road users are also advised to exercise caution on roadways as visibility can be significantly reduced in periods of heavy showers and roads will become slippery.”

Floods, damage to sea defence and overtopping should be reported to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) on (592) 226-1114, 226-8815, 226-1027 or 225-5847, or their 24 Hours National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) on (592) 623-1700 and 600-7500.