‘I can now go ahead and apply for a job without fear’ – BIT Graduate

61 Region One residents trained, certified

Sixty-One residents of Region One (Barima-Waini) are now certified in various skills through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) programmes.

The graduation ceremonies were hosted recently in the region.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, Mayor of Mabaruma, Chris Phang, BIT’s Chief Executive Officer (ag), Saskia Eastman-Onwuzirike, Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley and graduates

Thirty-nine residents from the Mabaruma district received certifications in Motor Vehicle Servicing and Repairs, Joinery, Cosmetology, and Photovoltaic Installation.

Meanwhile, 22 persons of Port Kaituma are now certified in Cosmetology.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton handing over a certificate to a graduate

The technical and vocational training programmes are tailored to accommodate the demands for skills in various sectors.

Several graduates shared their experiences.

Graduate, Lydia Alberts who is certified in motor vehicle repairs said she completed this specific course due to the myriad of opportunities that are available.

Lydia Alberts, graduate

Alberts noted, “I feel that there is a profitable job that can be there for me in the future.I feel that now I received my certificate I can go ahead and apply and without fear, they can approve my application.”

She completed the tractor maintenance course previously and intends to complete other courses.

Prime Minister’s Representative, Margaret Lambert handing over a certificate

Certified in joinery, Julena Jacinta said she found out about the BIT programmes through her family.

“I decided to do it because it is a nice programme to do, to find out about different things and to learn to make furniture,” she stated.

Graduate receiving a certificate from Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley

Jacinta, who was the only female to complete the joinery course, added that she enjoyed participating in the course although she encountered some challenges.

Another graduate, Clinton DeSouza who also completed the joinery course highlighted that it would help him to be employable within Mabaruma.

He added, “I see it as one of the fittest programmes in Mabaruma… I want to help the community because there are lots of people in the community, they have the talent and capabilities. but is just somebody to help and teach them.”

Mayor of Mabaruma, Chris Phang handing over a certificate

Meanwhile, Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton reiterated that government will continue to ensure the training programmes are offered countrywide for Guyanese to be skilled, which will aid in the country’s growth.

Government continues to provide these skill training courses that are necessary for community development.

“We want to be sure that going forward any equipment whether government or private sector, you have a problem, we have people in the region who can fix it. When the schools or any government facility need furniture, we don’t have to look for a man in Region Four to be the contractor. We want to remove, forever, where something is being built in a village and someone from far away, they are the contractors to supply,” Minister Hamilton pointed out.  

Jolena Jacinta, graduate

The graduates were encouraged to use the knowledge they have acquired to develop themselves and venture out in their respective fields.

The females were encouraged to participate in the courses offered which will help them to advance further.

Minister Hamilton said, “You cannot be narrow and confined in your thinking anymore where you are confined to doing this or that. Start thinking outside of the box. That is the reason why we are promoting those skills that are important and necessary for the development of the country.”

Some of the graduates

Participants have the opportunity to complete multiple courses but they must be complementary to the one they are certified in.

BIT’s Chief Executive Officer (ag), Saskia Eastman-Onwuzirike, Mayor of Mabaruma, Chris Phang, Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley, Prime Minister’s Representative, Margaret Lambert, Deputy Regional Executive Officer (DREO), Shem Cuffy, Chairman of the Matarkai Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Region One, Orlando Thorne, and other officials also attended the ceremonies.