Importance of dental health highlighted at launch of Oral Health Month in Region Six

The Ministry of Health on Monday launched Oral Health Month at the Regional Health Services Office, in New Amsterdam, Berbice, Region Six.

Oral Health Month is being observed under the global theme, Be Proud of Your Mouth for Your Happiness and Well-being.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony along with dental and other supporting staff at Brother’s Health Dental Centre in Region Six

Addressing the launch, Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony reemphasised the need for continuous education, as well as preventative care.

“It is very important that people maintain a healthy mouth because the mouth is a gateway into the body [in which] many things including viruses, bacteria, and funguses can enter the body. If we can maintain a healthy mouth, we, can prevent the rest of the body from being infected.

Dr Frank Anthony, Minister of Health

“I do not think that it is clearly understood sometimes between what goes on in the mouth and [how that has an effect] on other parts of the body. One good example of that is that if you have a bacterial infection in the mouth that can then cause a heart problem such as Endocarditis [a life-threatening inflammation of the inner lining of the heart’s chambers and valves],” the health minister explained.

Meanwhile, Regional Health Officer of Region Six, Dr Vishalya Sharma said the region is committed to working with all stakeholders to raise awareness to dental hygiene and preventative care, in line with the ministry’s objectives. 

Dr Vishalya Sharma, Regional Health Officer, Region Six

The ministry aims to reduce the cost of dental care and has committed to opening more dental care facilities across the country, as well as increasing the number of dental technicians in the system.

This will be done in partnership with the private sector.

Region Six Chairman, David Armogan, Principal Dental Surgeon, Dr Marvin Monize, Manager of the Cheddi Jagan Dental Centre, Vishall Rambharose, and other medical officials were present at Monday’s launch.