IOM donates tablets to Labour Ministry for management of labour policies

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) continues to support the Government of Guyana in its management of labour policies.

Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Bishram Kuppen

On Friday, the organisation donated several electronic tablets to the Ministry of Labour under the Western Hemisphere Programme (WHP) to assist the ministry in raising awareness on the importance of well-managed labour policies for the protection of workers.

International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Programme Support Officer for the Caribbean under the Western Hemisphere Programme (WHP), Brendan Tarnay

IOM’s Programme Support Officer, Brendan Tarnay underscored the importance of tackling and managing labour policies.

“This donation of tablets as an essential tool is part of a larger programme…for assisting the government to build the capacity of the ministry of labour and its officers to better respond to the needs of all workers”Tarnay said.

Senior Project Assistant under the Western Hemisphere Program at IOM, Nkayo Drepaul, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Bishram Kuppen, and IOM’s Programme Support Officer for the Caribbean under the Western Hemisphere Programme (WHP), Brendan Tarnay with one of the tablets

The tablets are equipped with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) software, which will maximise safe productivity to allow workers and employers to contribute to Guyana’s economy.

Additionally, the tablets will help collect and share critical data that will lead to evidence-based policies and practices.

“We hope that your office can make good use of these tablets and produce even better data and reporting for the benefit of all workers, through all of Guyana. Guyana is just beginning this exciting journey and IOM offers its support along the way. And we look forward to future collaborations as well in the near future,”Tarnay added.

Importantly, he stated that IOM supports government in attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the objectives of the Global Compact for Migration.

Tarnay said migrants could help fill critical gaps in Guyana’s labour market as the country experiences immense economic growth, while at the same time, contribute to the overall development and benefit of Guyana and its people.

Electronic tablet

He said the donation would not be possible without the support of the United States Department of State- Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, which is supporting the entire labour migration capacity building element, which include the tablets, the recruitment training, and the stakeholder engagement with the private sector.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary of the Labour Ministry, Bishram Kuppen noted that the Ministry of Labour and IOM have been in discussion for a long time about the areas of mutual interest and cooperation. Some of the areas include the ethical recruitment training and skill gaps assessment.

Kuppen highlighted that the ethical recruitment training was completed earlier this month, at the Guyana Marriott, for 42 officers from the ministry.

“A part of that training involved a grant from the international office of migration of tablets…provided by the International Labour Organisation (ILO),” the PS stated.

He lauded IOM’s efforts and continued cooperation with Guyana.

Senior Project Assistant under the Western Hemisphere Programme at IOM, Nkayo Drepaul and other staff of the Ministry of Labour also attended the simple ceremony.