Jagdeo cautions about the Opposition’s manipulation, lies

-Says APNUAFC wants to divide the nation

The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) General Secretary, also Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has sounded a stern warning to Guyanese to be wary of the manipulation tactics and lies of the opposition particularly the People’s National Congress (PNC), the main party in the APNUAFC, which is hellbent on dividing the nation.

Dr Jagdeo used the occasion at Babu Jaan, Corentyne Berbice, held to celebrate the life, work and legacy of the party’s founder and former president, the late Dr Cheddi Jagan, to caution against the opposition’s scheme.

People’s Progressive Party’s General Secretay and Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo addressing the audience at Babu Jaan, Corentyne Berbice

Speaking to hundreds of supporters, party members and government ministers among others gathered at Babu Jaan,  Corentyne Berbice, Dr Jagdeo reminded that the opposition is known to ‘toy’ with peoples’  emotions.

“That is how they kept us enslaved Because they touch you in your hearts. They said the things that people can really forgo and ignore all the progress that the country is making because they touch emotive issues,” the vice president expressed.

Dr Jagdeo participating in the wreath laying ceremony

VP Jagdeo pointed to the issue of racism which has been used by the opposition as the only political tool to rally people against the PPP/C Government. However, the government’s policies and programmes show that this is far from the truth.

Instead, it was under the coalition government that Afro-Guyanese and other Guyanese ethnicities suffered immensely.

“They say that they’re in favour of afro-Guyanese but afro-Guyanese were some of the worst treated people in the five-years they were in office… They don’t love afro-Guyanese, it’s elitist, the few of them,” he told the gathering.

It was also under the previous government that thousands of sugar workers, young Amerindians and bauxite workers among other sections of Guyanese were left without jobs.

Contrast that with the PPP, if you look at this crowd, if you look at our activities, if you look at our programmes and that’s the worst nightmare for APNU. All of our people, right across Guyana, inspite of their race, they’re benefitting from the PPP,” Dr Jagdeo stressed,  stating that this is a fundamental difference.

The vice president exposed the many lies and misinformation peddled by the opposition, emphasizing that Guyanese must be very cautious.

This, he said, is very detrimental to the realisation of Guyana’s truest potential as a nation.

“If we’re not careful, they will succeed in dividing our people again, by picking them off one by one. By appealing to their emotions…there’s another battle being waged. They believe again, they can go back to the 2015 era and say to people [that] the PPP is corrupt once again,” he cautioned, noting that they spent five years in office and did not find a single shred of evidence that point to corruption.

The general secretary affirmed that the party’s programmes and policies under each installment of past PPP Presidents, are carefully guided by the late former president’s people-centred philosophy.

“We’re really fortunate that Dr Jagan laid out a philosophy for our party, to which we’ve remained faithful, and that successful leaders have embraced that philosophy and have acted consistent with its implementation given it life. President Irfaan Ali is the latest in the line of leaders who have done so and have done so admirably,” the general secretary expressed.

Sunday’s ceremony marks the 106th birth anniversary and 27th death anniversary of the freedom fighter and stalwart of Guyana.