Kato to benefit from improved water access

Residents of Kato, Region 8 (Potaro/Siparuni) can look forward to improved access to potable water as Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) in collaboration with the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) will be drilling a new well in the community.

GWI’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Shaik Baksh, Director of Hinterland Services, Mr. Ramchand Jailal and GDF Reserve Captain and GWI’s Customer Services Director, Mr. Marlon Daniels recently visited the community, which has a population of approximately 486 residents, to assess the water situation.

GWI’s CEO, Mr. Shaik Baksh along with the GDF representative and residents of Kato

Currently, 50 per cent of the community has access to potable water from an existing well, while the remaining 50 per cent has to walk long distances to access water. The existing well does not have the capacity to extend the water supply to those without, hence the need for a new well to be drilled.

A team from GWI has visited the community to conduct Resistivity logging in order to determine a viable location to drill the new well. Pipelines will also be installed as part of the improvement works.

Further, the technical team is examining the feasibility of using a nearby spring as an additional source, as suggested by members of the community.

Meanwhile, the visiting team along with a representative of the community visited the Kato Secondary School and dormitory, which is located some distance from the community. A nearby creek serves as the source of water supply there but the existing system has been non-operational for some time now. 

A section of the Kato community

An assessment was done and GWI will be working to install a new Photovoltaic pumping system to restore water supply to both the school and dormitory. Other works which will be required include the installation of pipelines, the flushing of the existing system and leak repairs.This much needed access to potable water will allow the students to practice good hygiene.

Resistivity logging has also been conducted to determine a suitable location for the drilling of a new well to provide residents of the nearby village of Taruka with water.

This forms part of the efforts by GWI to ensure 100 percent access to potable water countrywide by 2025 as outlined in the company’s new 5 year strategic plan.