Kwakwani’s sport and recreational facilities assessed for upgrades

A team of officials have conducted an assessment of several recreational and sport facilities in Kwakwani with a view to ensuring the necessary upgrades are made, for the benefit of the citizens.

Acting Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Kwame McCoy, MP, joined by Director of Sport, Steve Ninvalle, Chairman of the National Sports Commission, Kashif Mohamed and others, on Wednesday, visited the football field, the basketball court, the Kwakwani Recreational Centre, the State House, the club house and the swimming pools.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport (ag), Kwame McCoy, MP

Minister McCoy noted that the assessment of the facilities will determine what works are needed for inclusion in the Recreational and Ground Enhancement Programme.

“So that we could prepare this community to be able to bring its best potential to the fore and be able to produce the best athletes and sports personalities, like we want to do in every other community across this country and you have seen us invest already in many communities across Guyana.”

The team inspecting the pool

The Minister noted that the 2021 budget, which caters for initiatives like the synthetic tracts, mini stadiums and other initiatives gives sportsmen and women a better chance to succeed.

Ann Gordon, a resident of Kwakwani said there are many youths in the community who stand to benefit from the upgrade of these facilities.

Resident, Ann Gordon

“It would be very beneficial to the young people, especially through sports in the area because Kwakwani has been producing top quality level of sportsmen and sportswomen for a number of years now, and one of the things that we definitely need is infrastructure, things improved, because we can’t be going back or stagnated, we need to go forward,” the resident said.

Chairman, National Sports Commission, Kashif Mohamed

The Sports Commission Chairman expressed similar views, noting that the Ministry is in support of improving the community.

“Kwakwani is one of the places that we really wanted to visit because they have produced real top-class athletes throughout the years, the basketball court, they are the champions with basketball at the school level and they continue to produce really, really outstanding players,” he highlighted.

The team inspects the playfield

Following the assessment, he pointed out that some of the facilities are in relatively good condition, “some of the buildings are in excellent condition, the football field like most other fields in the country, after the rains and everything needs some work and we are getting an opportunity to see and assess everything that has to be done, with the football field, with the swimming pools and with the basketball court we will take it back get to the drawing boards and do stuff.”

Director of Sport, Steve Ninvalle

Additionally, Director of Sport, Steve Ninvalle noted that since the ministry has been given responsibility for the club house and the State House, the assessment will determine which facilities need to be catered for in the 2022 budget.

The upgrade of sport and other facilities is in keeping with the PPP/C Government’s commitment to advance sport development in the country, through the necessary investments.