Lake Mainstay/Whyaka residents raise concerns about roads, water –during ministerial outreach

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, May 8, 2017

Residents of Lake Mainstay/Whyaka, adjoining indigenous communities in Region Two, are looking forward to future networking with several ministries for the development of their communities and region.

This was revealed during a ministerial outreach with the Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Dawn Hastings-Williams on Sunday.

Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Dawn Hastings-Williams

The ministerial outreach is a part of the government’s commitment to listen to issues that are affecting residents in an effort to address them.

Several residents said that they were previously promised that their main road would be rehabilitated, but they explained that works were not completed and would need the relevant ministry to continue work from Chinese Road to Red Lock and the bridge into Mainstay among other areas.

It was stressed that the badly affected areas highlighted also affect the region’s tourism since a number of tourists refuse to visit the areas especially when it rains.

Toshao Joel Fredericks requested that the major infrastructural works be attended to as soon as possible since the region’s Community Development Plan (CDP) to establish an eco-lodge will also suffer.

“That is why we really need some works to be done on the roads; the village council would normally do some maintenance from the toll gate within our village area, but the road from Chinese Lot to the bridge is terrible, and it is not even two miles, I estimated maybe a mile and a quarter,” Toshao Fredericks added.

The toshao said that the region was promised that the expenditure for roads would have been included in the 2017 National budget; however since it was not included he is hopeful it would be in the 2018 National budget. He noted that this decision will ensure the safety of the residents, as well as benefit them.

It was also highlighted that there is a need for the installation of pipelines for access to potable water to the residents from Whyaka since they have to travel to obtain water during the dry weather. The Lake Mainstay residents explained that they do receive water, but their neighbours must also receive the same benefit.

The Minister said that the Guyana Water Incorporated’s (GWI) engineer assigned to the region will establish a stand pipe until the installation of a permanent fixture.

Minister Hastings-Williams said that she will bring to the attention of the Minister of Public Infrastructure about the rehabilitation of the roads highlighted since the ministry is committed to servicing all main roads in Guyana. She noted that any update about the rehabilitation works will be given to the toshao.

Meanwhile, residents requested the establishment of a nursery school since the current building that the students occupy does not have adequate space. The Minister said that there will be discussions with the local government organs in the region with regard the establishment of a school.


By: Neola Damon


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