Laluni to get $2M for community project

− Min. Hastings-Williams encourages residents to prioritise community needs and submit proposal for action

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, November 9, 2019

The agricultural community of Laluni, located aback Kuru Kururu on the Soesdyke Highway, will benefit from $2M through the government’s Rapid Impact Project (RIP) initiative. The funds will be put towards a community development project of their choice.

Minister of State, Hon. Dawn Hastings-Williams made this announcement during a community engagement with the residents of the community on Friday, November 8.

Laluni has a population of approximately 300 persons and is managed by a Community Development Council (CDC).

During an interactive session with Minister Hastings-Williams at the Laluni Primary School, residents expressed their appreciation to the administration for the much-needed support the community received over the past four years. However, they noted that several issues need urgent attention including; upgrades to the school and community ground, recreational equipment for the early childhood centre, an internet hub for the village, as well as a school bus to transport students.

In response, Minister Hastings-Williams advised the residents to decide amongst themselves which project is the most needed in the community. Further, she encouraged that they submit a proposal to the ministry soonest to benefit from the funds under the Rapid Impact Programme.

The State Minister acknowledged that much work was done to develop Laluni, including the installation of a potable water system, and a boost to the community’s agricultural drive with a tractor and trailer. However, while more development is required in the community, the government has made significant improvements to the lives of its citizenry in less than five years, and will continue to ensure the people are always first.

Guyana is a vast country; people need better roads and street lights and more… we will take care of our people.”

The residents were also encouraged to continue engaging in agriculture and not to abandon their farming because of the emerging oil sector.

“Agriculture is very important. If we decided to stop farming and depend only on the funds from oil, that could create problems,’ Minister Hastings-Williams reasoned.

At the community meeting, Chairman of the CDC, Aaron Defreitas updated the minister and residents on the developments in the community.

He relayed that Minister of Public Telecommunications, Hon. Catherine Hughes has committed to establishing an internet hub in the area. Further, he said that upgrades were done on the primary schools, however, the contractor left the work halfway three weeks ago. He added that the village has acquired a minibus under the Amerindian Develop Fund programme, which provides transportation to the students at a cost of $300 per day. The CDC Chairman suggests that once fuel can be provided, the CDC will undertake to transport the children to and from school for free.

His Excellency, President David Granger’s vision was also shared with the residents. Minister Hastings-Williams reiterated that the government is keen on ensuring students are provided with the necessary support to access quality education. To this end, she committed to discussing a plan to provide the fuel with the regional administration in an effort to address the issue raised.

There will also be a follow-up with the contractor to ensure the work is completed by the end of the year.

During her visit on Friday, Minister Hastings-Williams also visited the family of Florence Patterson, an elderly woman in the village who died, and made a financial contribution to offset some of the funeral expenses.