“Let us continue to live in unity” – Minister Bharrat urges Region Nine residents

Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat, on Tuesday, called on residents of Region Nine (Upper Takutu/Upper Essequibo), to continue to live in unity, as the country continues on the path to prosperity.

“Let us continue to work with each other. Let us continue to live in unity and harmony. Let us see each other a brothers and sisters and let us support each other to achieve a One Guyana,” Minister Bharrat expressed, during his address on the eve of Guyana’s Republic anniversary.

Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Vickram Bharrat MP

Minister Bharrat committed to ensuring that all money invested in the oil sector benefits all Guyanese regardless of their geographic location. Against this backdrop, he recalled the whopping $4.1 billion budget that was allocated this year for Region Nine.

For a clearer picture, $2 billion will be used to enhance the delivery of education in the region. Students of Sand Creek Secondary will soon benefit from the construction of a female dormitory, while an extension of the Aishalton Secondary School dormitory will be undertaken.

Money has also been earmarked for the establishment of a Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) branch at Lethem for trainee teachers. This provision aims to provide living accommodation for those who wish to further their studies at the institution.

Further, rehabilitation works will be done on the Annai Secondary School, while construction of sanitary blocks will be done at Shea, Karaudarnau and Achiwib nursery schools, and at the Aishalton Primary School. Construction and rehabilitation will also be undertaken at the Karabairu Annex and Para Bara Primary School, respectively.

Meanwhile, some $1.1 billion has also been budgeted to improve the region’s health sector. This will see the construction of an Infectious Disease Centre at Lethem, rehabilitation of the Annai Hospital and maternal ward at Aishalton Hospital.   

“We will continue to work with the region to deliver world-class healthcare. Region Nine is important to Guyana and our budgetary allocation of $4.1 billion – the largest this region has seen – is a demonstration of our commitment to developing our hinterland regions,” Minister Bharrat relayed.

Notably, the Lethem Hospital will also establish audio, speech and language rooms. Services there will be further boosted through the procurement of an ambulance, pediatric ventilator for the neo-natal ward, and anaesthetic machines, among others. Several health posts have also been identified to be converted into health centres.

Meanwhile, $490 million was budgeted for infrastructural works in Region Nine. These works will complement the projects that will be executed by the Ministries of Public Works and Natural Resources.

Works on the road from Karaudarnau to Achiwib will be raised, graded and compacted while sections of roads in Central Lethem will be done with asphaltic concrete.

Meanwhile, $120 million was allocated for agriculture in the region.

At the flag raising event, Regional Chairman, Brian Allicock gave his commitment to assiduously represent and support the people of Region Nine. He thanked President Mohamed Irfaan Ali and his government for the work they have been doing to ensure that the lives of Guyanese are improved. The Chairman encouraged the residents to support the government in its programmes, policies and initiatives.