Lethem to ‘come alive’ Independence weekend – GTA Director

The town of Lethem will come alive on Independence weekend with an array of nature adventure and eco-tourism activities.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Kamrul Baksh, in a recent interview with the Department of Public Information, noted that with this year’s Independence flag raising and other celebrations planned for the town, several tour operators are capitalising on the opportunity and have created packages.

GTA Director Kamrul Baksh

Touring Guyana, Trail Masters Adventure Guianas, Dargon Tours and Savannah Drive have all developed packages for the weekend.

“Those operators are selling a variety of packages promoting the whole Lethem and broader Rupununi area packaging places like Kumu Falls, Moco Moco Falls, Quarrie, and St Ignatius. Some are even going over a bit to Bom Fim District as sort of an enticement there,” Baksh said.

Visitors enjoy a day at the Rupununi Rodeo

He noted that operators in the Rupununi are also working on creating new experiences. These include Jonathan Joseph who is promoting a hike to Schomburgk’s Peak, and a camping experience. This is planned for the 25th to 26th of May this year.

“I encourage all persons to go check that out. We are even working with Rupununi Adventures to do a kayaking paddle boarding experience,” Baksh said.

A group of visitors who camped out at Ariwa Beach during Rupununi Rodeo

The village of Quarrie will be offering a hiking and trekking experience. Nappi will also have a hiking experience while Toka will have a pottery-making experience.   

“The broad aim is to create a very diversified resilient tourism product. So, when you think of Region Nine or any other region, something comes to mind right away, and having multiple options for solo travellers, family travellers, adventure travellers, Nature lovers, persons who appreciate Culture, people who want to go for cuisine and gastronomy. We have something to offer to everyone,” the GTA director said.

Tour Guide Jonathan Joseph at Schomburk’s Peak

Lethem just recently hosted the largest and most successful Rupununi Rodeo which saw thousands of persons flocking to the border town. “Basically, we want to promote more local travels and we are taking advantage of the opportunity of the holidays and other national events and celebrations where people have the opportunity to explore destination Guyana,” Baksh added.

Vaqueros ride through Lethem