LGE 2023: Observers, election officials pleased with voting process

In a display of civic responsibility, Guyanese from all walks of life participated in the Local Government Elections (LGE) on Monday, demonstrating their commitment to shaping the future of their communities.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) embarked on a series of visits to polling stations in Georgetown, including St. Sidwell’s Primary and Smith Memorial Primary schools, Freeburg Secondary School, and the Guyana Girls Guide Association.

An observer from the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Guyana (AMCHAM), Rosalinda Rasul commended the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for the efficiency of the elections process.

AMCHAM Observer, Rosalinda Rasul

“So far, it has been very smooth. Voters are coming, they are finding their names on the list, and they are going to exercise their franchise. So far, it’s going pretty good,” she told DPI earlier on Monday.

Persons lined up to cast their votes

Another AMCHAM observer and a US-based Guyanese, Dave Narine highlighted the significance of exercising his franchise.

“I think it is very democratic that everyone who has the right to vote should vote. We do that across the world, so why shouldn’t I do that for my country,” he expressed.

Presiding Officer at Smith Memorial polling station, Shonetta Barcoy confirmed the smooth operation at the polling stations.

Presiding Officer at Smith Memorial polling station, Shonetta Barcoy

While acknowledging the relatively lower turnout in the early hours, Barcoy remained optimistic about the increase in voters as the day progresses.

“Persons are coming in, not a lot so far, probably because it is still early, but we expect more to come through,” she explained.

Voters also expressed their satisfaction with the voting process, emphasising the simplicity they experienced.

Roshauna Edwards described the process as “quite quick and simple,” while displaying enthusiasm about exercising her democratic right.

Roshauna Edwards, citizens

She passionately encouraged her fellow citizens to follow suit, saying, “It is best for you to make a choice for yourself. If you really want to make a difference, come out and vote.”

Another voter, Mark Taylor emphasised the importance of voting to effect change at the local level.

He described the voting process as easy and urged others to participate, asserting that everyone has a role to play in supporting their communities.