LGE 2023: ‘Your vote is your right’ – citizens express after casting their ballots

Residents of Soesdyke and surrounding communities visited their respective polling stations to cast their votes in this year’s Local Government Elections (LGE), early Monday morning.

These elections hold significant importance as they provide an opportunity for residents to actively participate in the democratic process, selecting representatives who will address their needs and aspirations at the local level.

Participating in local government elections enables residents to exercise their democratic rights as well as promotes civic engagement and strengthens the social fabric of communities.

The elections foster a sense of belonging and unity among residents as they come together to discuss important issues and work towards common goals.

Soesdyke resident, Bibi Parmanand said, “I think everybody needs to come out to vote because your vote is your right,” while expressing how pleased she was with the voting process.

Bibi Parmanand

“It was very smooth, no hiccups and I didn’t had to wait a long time,” Parmanand told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Rohini Messeir, who was listed at the polling station at Paul’s residence, eagerly showed her inked index finger to the cameras as she was content with the voting process.

“It was so easy! We vote because we have the interest of the village at heart,” she expressed.

Rohini Messeir

As attendance increased, community leaders, civil society organisations, and election authorities were actively assisting voters in finding their polling stations and explaining the voting process.

Young voter, Hubert Gittens gave kudos to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for its effective execution of the elections.

Hubert Gittens

He told DPI, “The process was very smooth… It’s much better than the past local government elections. I think that GECOM is doing a very good job.”

Gittens also encouraged others to vote by noting the importance of it to future generations.

“It is for the betterment of the future generations, especially the kids. You would want your children to have better, so why would you not vote?” he questioned.

LGEs allow eligible voters to have a direct impact on the decision-making processes that shape their daily lives.

Happy voters display their inked fingers

Key issues such as education, healthcare, public safety, infrastructure development, and environmental initiatives are among the many concerns that will be addressed at the local level.