Linden Hospital boosted with US$130,000 X-ray machine, ambulance

The Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) has been enhanced with a new US$130,000 digital X-ray machine and an ambulance, which will improve the services provided to residents of Region 10.

The new machine produces digital X-ray images, eliminating the need for traditional film processing.

President Ali examines the new equipment

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali stated that the acquisition of this state-of-the-art apparatus is a testament to the government’s commitment to delivering quality healthcare to its citizens.

“Today, it’s not just about launching the most advanced X-ray unit in Guyana,” he said, emphasising that the administration is establishing relationships with top doctors in India, Mount Sinai, and Canada.

The findings from the X-ray can be expeditiously transmitted to specialised experts for their professional assessments.

President Ali highlighted that the government is heavily investing in upgrading the Linden Hospital Complex and connecting it as a main hub to other health facilities across the region.

The new equipment commissioned at the Linden Hospital Complex

He explained that the upgrades to the medical facility include the development of a landing pad for medevacs.

These investments form integral components of a comprehensive strategy aimed at establishing a healthcare hub in Guyana, designed to serve not only the local region but also extend its reach to a broader geographical scope.

“It is not only talking about our own needs anymore. We are building institutions and structure far beyond what we require here in Guyana,” President Ali underscored. 

Meanwhile, Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony explained that the new technology will allow doctors to view X-ray images on screens or smartphones, facilitating quicker interpretations.

Testing the new equipment at the Linden Hospital Complex

It also enables remote consultations, allowing X-rays to be sent to Georgetown for expert analysis.

Additionally, he said a dedicated room has been allocated for the installation of a mammogram machine, encouraging women to undergo screenings.

The hospital is also equipped with a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine, as well as blood gas equipment.

Last year, over $100 million was spent on improving healthcare facilities across the region, with another $200 million earmarked under this year’s capital programme.