Linden restaurants begin delivery services

—adhering to no dine-in stipulations, closed by 18:00hrs

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, April 2, 2020

Delivery service has been implemented by several restaurants in Linden, Region 10 to complement their take-out service, as the town steps up measures to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The eateries have been complying with the stipulations outlined by the Region Ten Regional Health Emergency Committee, to cease all dine-in services, to encourage social distancing.

Some of the restaurants that have implemented this measure are Tropical Reflection, Kingdom Style, Bamboo Rhythm and Church’s Restaurant.

Church’s Restaurant has outsourced the delivery service which reaches Amelia’s Ward, Wismar and Mackenzie communities. The delivery price is even lower than regular taxi fares to these various communities.

Tropical Reflection, which is located in Mackenzie, has also ceased all dine-in services and has made available free delivery services in Central Mackenzie.

“We are only doing take-out right now, following the protocol of the Ministry of Health to encourage social distancing and we are now offering a delivery service,” one manager said.

The restaurant has also installed a sink in its compound, to encourage handwashing by its staff and customers you use the take-out service.

The Linden Fire Station was also recruited to wash down not only their premises but that of other business places at the popular ‘Five-Corner’ location.

General Manager of Kingdom Style Entertainment, located in Amelia’s Ward, said the restaurant has taken the step to significantly scale down on its staff rotation and is only allowing about two staff per day in the restaurant.

He said several other measures have been taken to ensure the surroundings are sanitized and customers and staff are safe.

Restaurants are also adhering the mandatory curfew and closing their establishments by 18:00 hrs.