Local Content Secretariat fully operationalised

─ Min Bharrat urges companies to register

The Local Content Secretariat – the body responsible for overseeing and implementing Guyana’s Local Content Act, has been fully operationalised.

The historic Local Content Act which was enacted in December, paved the way for the establishment of the Local Content Secretariat under the purview of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat, M.P speaking at the sanitation workshop at the Duke Lodge

Among other things, the secretariat, which is located It is located on Cowan Street, Kington, Georgetown is mandated to develop and maintain a local content register of qualified Guyanese nationals and companies and recommend for approval or refusal, master and annual plans submitted.

Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat, M.P on Tuesday, said that the creation of those registers has commenced, and is therefore calling on companies and individuals to visit the office and get registered.

Minister Bharrat was at the time while delivering remarks at a Consultation on the implementation of the Local Content Law- Reporting Requirements and Obligations at the Duke Lodge, Duke Street, Kingston. The aim of the consultation was to engage contractors and subcontractors on licencing requirements under the Local Content Act.

“…We have gotten a great response and I want to encourage people to visit the office and register. The staff are there, they are willing to help, they are willing to provide any support that people need to facilitate the registration process,” the minister noted.

He said the registers will be made available to the public by the first week of June and will be updated regularly.

We will update them on a weekly or fortnightly basis so anyone can go online and see who are registered in terms of individuals or companies,” he said.

A section of those who participated in the event

The Local Content Secretariat is a key component of the Local Content legislation. It is responsible for developing and maintaining measures for the effective implementation of local content by contractors, sub-contractors and licencees.

The secretariat is required to ensure development and implementation of strategies that give preferences to, or ensure equal treatment of Guyanese nationals and companies, conduct market analysis, make recommendations to the minister, develop formats for local content plans and reporting, develop guidelines – including those for local content reporting, procurement, big evaluation, training, research and development, partnership and joint ventures, and financial and insurance services.

Additionally, the body will undertake public education and awareness campaigns and report to the minister on the performance of its functions and the general administration of the legislation.