Local democracy being restored!

DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 12, 2019

“Before 2015, when you travelled across Guyana, indeed you knew which village was supported by which political party. After 2015, when you travelled Guyana, you know that every village has Guyanese living there, you don’t know the political difference, and that is a government we should have.”

These were the sentiments of Shirlanda Daniels, a resident of the village of Kuru Kururu who had quite a lot to say about her country during a community meeting held at the Kuru Kururu Annex on Thursday. Daniels admitted that if it weren’t for a change in government, she would be a refugee in another man’s land.

Hers was the sentiment of many of those who came out to meet with and greet their ministers of government. Persons from the front, middle and back of Kuru Kururu journeyed to the Annex to voice what concerns they had and make it known that while they can handle most of it themselves, for just a few things, they needed their government to act.

Joseph Gonsalves explained why he was understanding of the government’s battles: “I realise that this government inherited a lot of problems, especially financial problems from the previous government.” Nevertheless, Gonsalves was adamant in pointing out the main issues of his community. “The number one item is, titles to our land, the other one, is the road.”

NDC Councilor, Raphael Bagot informed Gonsalves that the NDC has been in contact with the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GL&SC) and steps are being made so that the community can be regularised so that title issues can be sorted, and persons granted their titles through the correct process.

Most of the issues raised by the residents were situations that their NDC was already looking into, showing the strength of the Local Government Organ within the community, so much so that the 28-year-old Alana Trotman had this to say. “I’m not going to bombard you minister with questions, because I have always taught that you had to follow the chain of command, so I’m going to bombard the people at the NDC with my questions and opinions who then will take it up and make sure it reaches  you guys [the ministers].” Trotman stands as a testament to the restoration of Local Government Organs.