Mainstay in tourism push

DPI, GUYANA, Monday, June 25, 2018

The Mainstay community located in Region Two is taking steps to improve its attractions in order to boost tourism in the community.

One such initiative is the extension of the Mainstay Beach which is currently 1,000 feet long.

Chairman of the National Toshaos Council and former Toshao for Mainstay-Whyaka, Joel Fredericks, recently told the Department of Public Information, (DPI) that the extended beach will now better accommodate the annual regatta, the car and bike show and other activities. Plans are also afoot to construct a guest house by the beach.

The long-neglected Aruka beach is also part of plans to boost tourism in the community. Fredericks said the beach, which is found by the Tapakuma Lake, was recently opened and is already in use by residents.

“Many people hear about the lakes in Region Two such as Capoey, Mainstay, Mashabo, Tapakuma but not everybody has the chance to go and see Tapakuma, hence I moved to open up that area. The Aruka beach is opened, it has a benab and walkway and has lots of marine and wildlife. It’s an area with great tourism potential,” Fredericks explained.

Additionally, a sewing hut was constructed at the hilltop area, the border between Tapakuma and Mainstay, for residents to participate in embroidery and sewing of souvenir items.

Further, floodlights have been installed at the playground in Mainstay which now hosts several competitions. The NTC Chairman said two more floodlights will be installed.

In the multipurpose building, a resource centre with computers and internet was established, sponsored by ExxonMobil and the village. This room will be used to better market Mainstay’s tourism and agriculture, Fredericks noted.

“This village has a lot of potential for tourism but it’s a wide broad-based sector and you have to know how to promote it. The village needs to focus on creating a package and to attract people here to Mainstay. We are still on that pathway to improve our tourism and we will get there.”

By: Ranetta La Fleur.

Photos: Leroy Lyttle.