Mainstay/Whyaka to launch new bottled water brand soon

─ tapping into opportunities in manufacturing sector

Mainstay/Whyaka, Region Two, is one of the communities taking advantage of the new opportunities in the manufacturing sector, and will be embarking on a water purification facility to launch its Lokono Aiyawbo brand [the Arawaks People’s Water].

Water Facility in Mainstay/Whyaka

The water purification facility will lead to the further enhancement of the community.

Village Toshao, Yvonne Pearson on Monday underlined the importance of the new venture, noting that Mainstay/Whyaka will be the first Amerindian village to launch this type of product.

“We already completed the building. We have already purchased our filtration system. We are waiting now on GPL to come in and do their job. So that we can install our equipment and start the necessary testing,” she told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Inside of the water facility in Mainstay/Whyaka

Toshao Pearson stated that the certifying officer has already conducted the necessary work.

She emphasised that, “this will create job opportunities. With a job comes income which will enhance our economic standard of living. We are talking about having our own baker shop, in which we can produce our own bread and pastry. We want to do that. In everything that we do, the local people will be involved.”

Toshao Pearson said the community will be launching its bottled water as well as a nature trail, and shade house initiatives next month.

As Guyana’s manufacturing sector continues to expand, Guyanese are leveraging the sustainable investment environment and manufacturing goods that cater to the demands of the local market. Given the growing interest from foreign investors, the country is attracting significant attention, which has prompted Guyanese to seize the opportunity to expand their businesses.