Massy Mega Store opening, a sign of growing investor – Min. Jordan

“Building local partnerships will be win/win for all” 

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Minister of Finance, Hon. Winston Jordan opened Massy Stores second-largest facility in the region – the Massy Mega Store – located in the MovieTown compound. He commended Massy’s management for over 50 years of operating locally and reiterated the Coalition’s welcoming position towards foreign investors.

“We know that foreign investment is a major catalyst for economic development and modernisation. We know that foreign investment helps to create a more competitive business environment and enhance enterprise development. These are powerful reasons to welcome foreign investment into Guyana.”

The Finance Minister also reminded the Trinidad-based company that building local partnerships would ensure all-round benefits.

“Partnership and profit are not anathemas. It is a win-win for all. Supporting local producers whilst balancing variety, cost and convenience work out best all round. The farmer, that has a contract to supply pumpkins, is assured of a ready market and can, therefore, cultivate his crop, and look forward to an assured income,” Minister Jordan said.

He also reminded that the Coalition Government welcomes investors, such as Massy, who utilise green practices and continuously invest in Guyana’s economy.

The company has stood firm in its vision and has continued to strive for excellence, Today Massy has opened another giant or mega store. Heartiest congratulations to the directors, management and staff for taking the company forward,” Minister Jordan said.

Chairman of Massy’s Integrated Business Unit, David Affronso described the new store as having a unique format. “The mega format is like a warehouse or club shopping experience which has become very popular in the US. Customers have the option to purchase a wide variety of items in larger quantities at very affordable prices. The big difference with mega is that there are no membership fees. At Massy Mega, all are welcome.”

The Massy executive described the MovieTowne location as another convenience. “This location is a hub of entertainment and provides customers with many options at one location, world-class cinemas, premium dining options and now with Massy Mega, an exceptional shopping experience.”

In addition to traditional fresh and packaged food, the 34,000 square feet warehouse-like store offers car care products, generators, camping gear, electronics, a bakery, pharmacy and deli. Its loyalty programme offers shoppers the chance to redeem points at the Turkeyen and the initial Providence locations. The store opens from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 9pm and on Sundays, from 9am to 6pm.