Maxi William aims to be ‘King of the Jubilee’

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, February 8, 2020

As the days count down to Guyana’s 50th Republic anniversary, those still undecided about which band to join should check out Maxi Williams’ designs.

Maxi K, Williams is known for his innovative costume designs that cause quite a stir. This year Williams said he has chosen to feature those aspects that make Guyana the unique cultural melting pot it is.

We want to highlight the rich culture and traditions of our different races. So, we are portraying our six races working together in love and unity for one Guyana.”

Williams told DPI the costumes will also highlight various national symbols and well know landmarks such as the Independence Arch located in Brickdam.

The band will comprise 50 revellers and the King, something Williams is looking forward to as he explains, “I am really glad, this year after purring in a lot of hard work, I will now be going as the King of the Golden Jubilee with the band of revellers showcasing the proud national colours.”

At the moment the design of King of the band costume is a closely guarded secret that will only be revealed on February 20 at the Night of the Kings and Queens at D’Urban Park

As he and his team work busily to finish designing the costumes for his band, Maxi recalls his inspiration for the art form was nurtured from a young age.

I remember the costumes when I was a little child, there were these big beautiful pieces coming down the road.  It has always been my dream to create a really massive float – a King or Queen costume so that it will inspire other kids the way I was.”

Starting as a young apprentice in Don Gomes’ Mash Camp on Thomas Street at the age of 13.  Maxi would later move on to working for Gomes as an optical technician which allowed him to not only design for Mashramani but also create interior décor for various events and functions. This led to him establishing his own design business Maxi K. Williams Designs.

For those persons interested joining in Maxi William’s band, the costumes will be on display at the Department of Culture’s 592 Village Fest which runs from February 13-18. Registrations forms will also be available for those who wish to be part of William’s band on February 23.